VA – Record Shack Volume two


JAAR: 1985
A1. Evelyn Thomas - Sorry, Wrong Number
A2. Carol Jiani - Vanity
A3. Seventh Avenue - Ending Up On A High
A4. Earlene Bentley & Sylvester - Stargazing
A5. Miquel Brown - Black Leather
B1. Village People - Sex Over The Phone
B2. Evelyn Thomas - Masquerade
B3. Barbara Pennington - All American Boy
B4. Miquel Brown - One Hundred Per Cent
B5. Barbara Pennington - Way Down Deep In My Soul
C1. Barbara Pennington - On A Crowded Street
C2. Miquel Brown - Close To Perfection
C3. Evelyn Thomas - Heartless
C4. Barbara Pennington - Fan The Flame
C5. Laura Pallas - Hands Off
D1. Evelyn Thomas - Second Best
D2. Samantha Gilles - Let Me Feel It
D3. Marsha Raven - Stranger In Disguise
D4. Village People - New York City
D5. April - Boys Come And Go