VA – Let’s Disco


JAAR: 1983
A1. Freeez - I.O.U.
A2. Clubhouse - Do It Again / Medley With Billie Jean
A3. Karen Young - You Don't Know What You Got
A4. Loverde - Backstreet Romance
A5. Rofo - Flashlight On A Disconight
A6. Sylvester - Band Of Gold
A7. Polizei - Knock Out
A8. Digital Emotions - Don't Stop The Motion
B1. Miquel Brown - So Many Men, So Little Time
B2. Tony Lee - Love So Deep
B3. Hazell Dean - Searchin' (I Gotta Find A Man)
B4. Thrust - Can't Wait To Get To You
B5. Rene & Angela - Bangin' The Boogie
B6. Martinique - La Vie En Rose
B7. Men Without Hats - - Safety Dance
B8. N.O.I.A. - The Rule Is To Survive (Looking For Love)
C1. Mezzoforte - Garden Party
C2. Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde - The Challenge
C3. Goldie Alexander - Knocking Down Love
C4. Atlantis - Keep On Movin' And Groovin'
C5. Class Action - Weekend
C6. Clubhouse - It Again (Medley With Billie Jean)
C7. Bobby Davenport - Gimmie A Break
C8. Goldie Alexander - Show You My Love
C9. Gary Tomps Empire - Sexy Lady
C10. Hannibal - Hoe Down King Hannibal
C11. Gary Low - You Are A Danger
C12. Hot Line - Fantasy
C13. Thrust - an't Wait To Get To You
C14. Digital Emotion - Don't Stop
C15. Divine - Native Love
C16. Divine - Jungle Jezebel
C17. Divine - Shoot Your Shot
C18. Divine - Shake It Up
D1. Episode I - 108 B.P.M.
D2. Episode II - 114 B.P.M.
D3. Episode III - 122 B.P.M.
D4. Episode IV - 128 B.P.M.