VA – Hair


JAAR: 1979
A1. Aquarius
A2. Sodomy
A3. Donna / Hashish
A4. Colored Spade
A5. Manchester
A6. Abie Baby / Fourscore
A7. I'm Black / Ain't Got No
A8. Air
B1. Party Music
B2. My Conviction
B3. I Got Life
B4. Frank Mills
B5. Hair
B6. L.B.J. (Initials)
B7. Electric Blues / Old Fashioned Melody
B8. Hare Krishna
C1. Where Do I Go?
C2. Black Boys
C3. White Boys
C4. Walking In Space
C5. Easy To Be Hard
C6. 3-5-0-0
D1. Good Morning Starshine
D2. What A Piece Of Work Is Man
D3. Somebody To Love
D4. Don't Put It Down
D5. The Flesh Failures / Let The Sunshine In