Status Quo

JAAR: 1980
A1. Rockin' All Over The World
A2. Down, Down
A3. Caroline
A4. Paper Plane
A5. Break The Rules
A6. Again & Again
B1. Mystery Song
B2. Roll Over, Lay Down
B3. Rain
B4. Wild Side Of Life
B5. Whatever You Want
B6. Living On An Island


JAAR: 1973
A1. Picures of Matchstik men
A2. The price of love
A3. Mr. Mind detector
A4. Paradise flat
A5. You're just what I was looking for today
A6. When my mind is not live
A7. The clown
A8. Elizabeth dreams
A9. WhenI awake
A10. Are you growing tired of my love
B1. Ice in the sun
B2. So ends another life
B3. Spicks and specks
B4. Velvet curtains
B5. Poor old man
B6. Sunny cellopphane skies
B7. Gentleman Joe's sidewalk cafe
B8. Face without a soul
B9. Sheila
B10. Green tambourine
B11. Black veils of melancholy