Jean Michel Jarre

JAAR: 1978
A1. Equinoxe Part 1
A2. Equinoxe Part 2
A3. Equinoxe Part 3
A4. Equinoxe Part 4
B1. Equinoxe Part 5
B2. Equinoxe Part 6
B3. Equinoxe Part 7
B4. Equinoxe Part 8

JAAR: 1976
A1. Oxygène (Part I)
A2. Oxygène (Part II)
A3. Oxygène (Part III)
B1. Oxygène (Part IV)
B2. Oxygène (Part V)
B3. Oxygène (Part VI)

JAAR: 1982
A1. The Overture
A2. Arpegiator
A3. Equinoxe IV
B1. Fishing Junks At Sunset
B2. Band In The Rain
B3. Equinoxe VII
C1. Orient Express
C2. Magnetic Fields I
C3. Magnetic Fields III
C4. Magnetic Fields IV
C5. Laser Harp
D1. Night In Shanghai
D2. The Last Rumba
D3. Magnetic Fields II
D4. Souvenir Of China

JAAR: 1984
A1. Ethnicolor
A2. Diva
B1. Zoolook
B2. Wooloomooloo
B3. Zoolookologie
B4. Blah-Blah Cafe
B5. Ethnicolor II


JAAR: 2021
A1. Amazônia (Part 1)
A2. Amazônia (Part 2)
B1. Amazônia (Part 3)
B2. Amazônia (Part 4)
B3. Amazônia (Part 5)
C1. Amazônia (Part 6)
C2. Amazônia (Part 7)
C3. Amazônia (Part 8)
C4. Amazônia (Part 9)