Gruppo Sportivo


JAAR: 1978
A1. Hey Girl
A2. Bernadette
A3. P.S. 78
A4. Tokyo
A5. I Said No!
A6. Real Teeth Are Out
A7. Are You Ready?
A8. The Booby-Trap Boogie
B1. Blah Blah Magazines
B2. One Way Love (From Me To You)
B3. I'm A Rocket
B4. Shave
B5. The Pogo Never Stops
B6. Bottom Of The Class
B7. The Single


JAAR: 1977
A1. Beep beep love
A2. Superman
A3. Lasting forever
A4. Girls never know
A5. I shot my manager
B1. Mission in Paris
B2. Dreamin'
B3. Henri
B4. Armee Monika
B5. Rubber gun