Emerson, Lake & Palmer ‎

JAAR: 1978
A1. All I Want Is You
A2. Love Beach
A3. Taste Of My Love
A4. The Gambler
A5. For You
A6. Canario (Fantasia Para Un Gentilhombre)
B1.a Prologue/The Education Of A Gentleman
B1.b Love At First Sightb
B1.c Letters From The Frontv
B1.d Honourable Company (A March)

JAAR: 1971
A1. Eruption
A2. Stones Of Years
A3. Iconoclast
A4. Mass
A5. Manticore
A6. Battlefield
A7. Aquatarkus
B1. Jeremy Bender
B2. Bitches Crystal
B3. The Only Way (Hymn)
B4. Infinite Space (Conclusion)
B5. A Time And A Place
B6. Are You Ready Eddy?