JAAR: 1978
A1. Three Times A Lady
A2. Zoom
A3. Brick House
A4. Sweet Love
A5. Too Hot To Trot
A6. Feel Sanctified
B1. Easy
B2. Flying High
B3. Just To Be Close To You
B4. Slippery When Wet
B5. Machine Gun
B6. The Zoo

JAAR: 1977
A1. Won't You Come Dance With Me
A2. Slippery When Wet
A3. Come Inside
A4. Just To Be Close To You
B1. Funny Feelings
B2. Fancy Dancer
B3. Sweet Love
C1. Zoom

C2. Easy
D1. I Feel Sanctified
D2. Brick House
D3. Too Hot Ta Trot

JAAR: 1979
A1. Gettin' It
A2. Midnight Magic
A3. You're Special
A4. Still
B1. Wonderland
B2. Sexy Lady
B3. Lovin' You
B4. Sail On
B5. 12:01 A.M.(Reprise)