Average White Band

Jaar: 1980
A1. Catch Me(Before I Have To Testify)

A2. Help Is On The Way
A3. Watcha Gonna Do For Me
A4. Let's Go Round Again
B1. Into The Night
B2. Our Time Has Come
B3. For You For Love
B4. If Love Only Lasts For One Night
B5. Shine
Jaar: 1980
A1. Kiss Me

A2. Love Won't Get In The Way
A3. Love Gives, Love Takes Away
A4. Growing Pains
B1. Pick Up The Pieces
B2. Person To Person
B3. Cut The Cake
B4. A Love Of Your Own
B5. Queen Of My Soul
Jaar: 1978
A1. Your Love Is A Miracle
A2. Same Feeling, Different Song
A3. Daddy's All Gone
A4. Big City Lights
B1. She's A Dream
B2. Warmer Communications
B3. The Price Of The Dream
B4. Sweet & Sour
B5. One Look Over My Shoulder(Is This Really Goodbye?)


JAAR: 1977
A1. Cut the cake
A2. School boy crush
A3. It's a mystery
A4. Groovin' the night away
A5. If I ever lose this heaven
B1. Why
B2. High Flyin' woman
B3. Cloudy
B4. How sweet can you get
B5. When they bring down the curtains


JAAR: 1979
A1. When Will You Be Mine
A2. Please Don't Fall In Love
A3. Walk On By
A4. Feel No Fret
B1. Stop The Rain
B2. Atlantic Avenue
B3. Ace Of Hearts
B4. Too Late To Cry
B5. Fire Burning