10ccBloody Tourist09 00119780-96310 504Pop
5th dimension, TheLiving Together, Growing Together09 00219730-9BELL 1116Soul
5th dimension, TheStar Dancing09 00319780-91 C 064-60 426Soul
RammsteinAdieu01202210 INCH0602448165626Industrial metal
RammsteinZeit02202210 INCH0602445312801Industrial metal
Pink Floyd ft. Andriy KhlyvnyukHey hey rise up000120227 INCHPFRS40/7, 5054197152047Prog rock
BombersGet dancin'000219797 INCHSCO 001Disco
Evelyn "Champagne" KingShame000319777 INCHPB 1122Disco
ExileKiss you all over000419787 INCH5C 006-61351Pop
Peoples ChoiceDo it any way you wanna000519757 INCHPIR S 3500, PIR 3500Disco
Village PeopleIn the navy000619797 INCH6007 209Disco
Romantics, TheTalking in your sleep000719837 INCHEPCA 3861, A 3861Rock
Simple MindsSign O' the times000819897 INCH112 887, SMX 6, 112 887-100New Wave
SupermaxLove Machine000919787 INCHATL 11 160Disco
SupertrampIt's raining again001019827 INCHAMS 9230Prog rock
Plastic BertrandCa plane pour moi001119777 INCH4B006-60064Pop
Ph. DI won't let you down001219817 INCHWEA 79209New Wave
Wild CherryPlay that funky music001319767 INCHEPC 4593Pop
KissI was made for lovin' you001419797 INCH45 CB 1182, 45.CB. 1182Pop
Boz ScaggsWhat can I say001519777 INCHCBS 4869Soul
Cat StevensBanapple Gas001619767 INCH16 703 ATPop
DalidaGigi L'Amoroso001719747 INCHOM 39.058Chanson
Donald FagenI.G.Y.001819827 INCH92.9900-7Pop
Donna SummerBad Girls001919797 INCHNB 988Disco
Eddie MoneyBaby hold on002019777 INCHCBS 6080Pop
Freddie JamesGet up and boogie002119797 INCHWB-17.478, WB.17.478, WBS-8858Disco
Gibson BrothersQue Sera Mi Vida002219797 INCH144.720, 144 720Latin
Jay & The AmericansCara Mia002319807 INCH1A 006-82911Pop
Julius GreenRock your baby002419827 INCH104.377Disco
KC & the Sunshine BandGive it up002519827 INCH46557Disco
La BiondaOne for you, one for me002619787 INCH15 573 ATDisco
MadnessEmbarrassment002719807 INCHBUY 102New Wave
Meat LoafParadise by the dashboard light002819787 INCHEPC 6673Pop
Mother's FinestPiece of the rock002919787 INCHEPC 5987Rock
OdysseyGoing back to my roots003019817 INCHPB 2240Disco
Ohio PlayersFire003119747 INCH6167 058Disco
OttawanD.I.S.C.O.003219807 INCH3890-9259Disco
Sandie ShawPuppet on a string003319677 INCH7N 17272Pop
Santa EsmeraldaDon't let me be misunderstood003419777 INCH6042 325Disco
Doug AshdownWinter in America003519747 INCH6103 113Pop
Shepstone & DibbensShady Lady003619737 INCHMT 4044Pop
Shoes, TheOsaka003719707 INCH2050 014Pop
Talking HeadsWild wild life003819867 INCH1A 006-20 1419 7, 006-20 1419 7Pop
Beat, TheCan't get used to losing you003919837 INCHFEET 17Ska
Emotions, TheI should be dancing004019797 INCHCBS S 7869, CBS 7869Disco
Jacksons, TheHeartbreak hotel004119807 INCH19-50959Disco
VoggueDancin' the night away004219817 INCH6059 446Disco
Dan HartmanRelight my fire004319797 INCHSKY 8104, 8104Disco
Ringo StarrPhotograph004419737 INCHR 5992Pop
Stacy LattisawJump to the beat004519807 INCHATL 11.553Disco
BarrabasOn the road again004619817 INCH103 814, 103 814 - 100Pop
Alvin StardustPretend004719817 INCH6.13 243, 6.13243 , BUY 124Pop
Andrea True ConnectionMore, more, more004819767 INCHM 27.023Disco
Anita WardRing my bell004919797 INCHTKR 7543Disco
Beppie KraftDe nach is nog zoe laank005019927 INCH142 459-7Folk
Boys Town GangCan't take my eyes off off you005119827 INCHRAMSH-1090, 1090Disco
ChangeSearching005219807 INCHK 79156Disco
Dexys Midnight RunnersCome on Eileen005319827 INCHDEXYS 9Pop
Dire StraitsSo far away005419857 INCH880 703-7Q, 880 703-7Pop
Earth, Wind & FireLet me talk005519807 INCH1-11366Soul
Jesse GreenNice and slow005619767 INCHNG 714Disco
Jim GilstrapSwing your daddy005719757 INCH2005 021Soul
Jimmy James and the VagabondsI'll go where your music takes me005819767 INCH45. PY. 14087Disco
Jimmy James and the VagabondsNow is the time005919767 INCH45. PY. 140129, 45.PY. 140 129Disco
Joe BataanRap-O Clap-O006019797 INCHXB-2369Disco
Jonathan Richman & the Modern LoversEgyptian reggae006119777 INCH11689Pop
Johnny WakelinIn Zaire006219767 INCH45. PY. 140133Disco
KC & the Sunshine BandQueen of clubs006319757 INCHPPBO-7033, 26.11 376Disco
KC & the Sunshine BandBoogie shoes006419787 INCHS TKR 6025Disco
Lene LovichLucky number006519797 INCHBUY 42New Wave
LimeBabe, we're gonna love tonite006619827 INCH2097 139Disco
Middle of the RoadSacramento006719727 INCH74-16 127, 74-16127Pop
Middle of the RoadYellow boomerang006819737 INCH74-16 280Pop
Mieke TelkampWaarheen, waarvoor...006919717 INCH5C 006-24 293Folk
Mike & The MechanicsSilent running(on dangerous ground)007019857 INCH258 908-7New Wave
Motors, theAirport007119787 INCHVS 219Pop
Nits, TheIn teh Dutch mountains007219877 INCHCBS 651160 7Pop
Pogues, TheFiesta007319887 INCH145.419Folk
Precious WilsonCry to me007419807 INCH102 213, 102 213-100Disco
Procol HarumA salty dog007519697 INCH5C 006 90260 M, 5C 006.90260 MPop
Quick, TheRhythm of the jungle007619827 INCHEPCA 2013, A 2013Disco
Gap Band, TheOops up side your head007719797 INCH6167 892Disco
Sister SledgeLost in music007819847 INCH799 718-7Disco
Tee-SetMa Belle Amie007919697 INCHTS 1329Pop
SpaceMagic Fly008019777 INCH17 775 ATDisco
Three Degrees, TheGiving up, giving in008119787 INCH15 872 ATDisco
Time BanditsLive it up008219817 INCHCBSA 1771Disco
Time BanditsI'm only shooting love008319837 INCHCBSA 3736Disco
Tom JonesGreen, green grass of home008419667 INCHF.22511Pop
First LoveDon't say goodnight008519817 INCHRAMSH 1013Disco
Jesse GreenFlip008619767 INCHNG 791Disco
Narada Michael WaldenReach out008719837 INCH78-9858-7, 78.9858-7Disco
Stylistics, TheCan't give you anything008819757 INCH16 233 ATSoul
Leif GarretI was made for dancin'008919787 INCHATL 11.202Disco
Tina CharlesDance little lady dance009019767 INCHCBS 4480, 4480Disco
Sweet, TheLove is like oxygene009119787 INCH2001 757Pop
Dave BerryThis strange effect009219657 INCHF 12188, F 12 188Pop
David BowieChina Girl009319837 INCH1A 006-1866877Pop
Jane BirkinJe T'aime... moi non plus009419697 INCHAZ. 10 474Chanson
Knack, TheMy Sharona009519797 INCH1C 006-85 921, 1 C 006-85 921Pop
Equals, theBaby come back009619687 INCH260.129 MFPop
Belle EpoqueBlack is black009719767 INCH9C 006-18221Disco
Rose RoyceBest love009819827 INCHEPCA 2238, A-2238Disco
Raffaella CarraA far l'amore comincia tu009919777 INCHCBS 4771Disco
Partridge Family, TheI think I love you010019707 INCHBELL 910, 910Pop
Soft CellTorch010119827 INCH6059 535New Wave
Edwin Hawkins Singers, TheOh, Happy Day010219697 INCH201 048Pop
Jeff WayneThe Eve of the War010319787 INCHCBS S 6496, CBS 6496Synth pop
Giorgio MordoderChase010419787 INCHNB 956Synth pop
John TravoltaGrease Lightnin'010519787 INCH45.MD. 151Pop
Moments & WhatnautsGirls010619757 INCH6146 401Soul
Who, TheYou better you bet010719817 INCHWHO 004, WHO4, 2002 044Rock
First ChoiceDoctor Love010819777 INCH6075 403Disco
Real Thing, TheCan't get by without you010919767 INCH45.PY. 140 138, 45. PY. 140138Disco
Assembly, TheNever never011019837 INCH101848Pop
StargardWhich way is up011119777 INCH0032.038, MCA 40825Disco
10ccDreadlock Holiday011219787 INCH6008 035Pop
Manfred MannHa! ha! said the clown011319677 INCH267 698 TF, 267698 TFPop
Trammps, TheDisco Inferno011419777 INCHATL 10 914Disco
SantanaEuropa011519767 INCHCBS 4143Rock
China CrisisHanna Hanna011619847 INCHVS 665New Wave
Doobie Brothers, TheWhat a fool believes011719787 INCHWB 17 314, WB 17314Pop
Level 42Love games011819817 INCH2059 336Pop
SantanaShe's not there011919777 INCHCBS 5671Rock
Level 42The Chinese way012019837 INCH810 884-7Pop
Walter Murphy
A fifth of Beethoven
012119767 INCHPVT 59Synth pop
George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord012219707 INCH5C 006-04692Pop
Earth, Wind & Fire with Emotions, TheBoogie Wonderland012319797 INCHCBS 7292Soul
Clash, TheShould I stay or should I go012419917 INCH656667-7, 656667 7New Wave
Love and kissesThank God it's Friday012519787 INCH45 CB 132, 45. CB. 132Disco
Roy Black & AnitaSchon ist es auf der welt zu sein
012619717 INCH2041 169Schlager
SkyyShow me the way012719837 INCHRHR 1250Disco
Rubettes, TheSugar Baby Love012819747 INCH2058 442Pop
SparksThis town ain't big enough for the both of us012919747 INCH6138 044Synth pop
Barry RyanEloise013019687 INCH61025, 61.025Pop
Sheila & B. DevotionSpacer013119797 INCH49.553Disco
Deep PurpleSmoke on the water013219737 INCH5C 006-94 583, 5C 006-94583Rock
S.O.S. band, TheTake your time (do it right)013319807 INCHTAB 8564, 8564Disco
Nick Straker BandA walk in the park013419797 INCH6.12 505, 6.12505 ACPop
ChicParty everbody013519847 INCH78-9723-7Disco
Mick JaggerLet's work013619877 INCHCBS 651028 7, 651028 7Pop
SugarloafDon't call us, we'll call you013719747 INCH2001 584Pop
John MilesMusic013819767 INCH6.11871, 6.11871 ACPop
Third WorldTry Jah Love013919827 INCH43.519Reggae
Electric Light OrchestraDon't bring me down014019797 INCHJET 503Pop
Patrick HernandezBack to Boogie014119797 INCH110005, JC 110 005Disco
Timi YuroHurt014219757 INCH4C 006-91094, 4C006 91.094Pop
Umberto TozziGloria014319827 INCH104 852Disco
FerrariSweet love014419767 INCH006 EMD 97 644Pop
Trio HelleniqueLa danse de Zorba014519657 INCHUH 9769Pop
Sister SledgeHe's just a runaway014619817 INCHATL 11.588Disco
EruptionOne way ticket014719797 INCH620 546, 620.546Disco
Sister SledgeReach your peak014819807 INCHATL 11.477, ATL.11.477Disco
Yarbrough & PeoplesDon't stop the music014919807 INCHMER 53, 6170 024Disco
Wiz Stars, theA brand new day015019797 INCH5C 006-63106Disco
Viola WillsGonna get along without you now015119797 INCH101.066Disco
Liquid GoldDance yourself dizzy015219807 INCH144.745Disco
Three Degrees, TheThe runner015319797 INCH100 301, 100 301-100Disco
Ryan ParisDolce Vita015419837 INCHCAR 289Disco
BohannonLet's start II dance again015519817 INCHFRS 012Disco
Thompson TwinsYou take me up015619847 INCHTWINS 4New Wave
La Toya JacksonIf you feel the funk015719807 INCH2095 304Disco
Manhattans, TheHurt015819767 INCHCBS 4562Pop
Limit, TheSay Yeah015919847 INCHA 4808, PRTA 4808Disco
Human League, TheDon't you want me016019817 INCH103 890New Wave
Patti LaBelleRelease016119807 INCHEPC 8376, 8376Disco
SherbetHowzat016219767 INCHEPC 4574Pop
Rick AstleyNever gonna give you up016319877 INCHPB 41447Pop
Carol JianiHit 'N Run Lover016419817 INCHRAMSH 1021Disco
FoxyGet off016519787 INCHTKR 6040Disco
Billy OceanAre you ready016619807 INCHGT 259Disco
GrapefruitDeep water016719697 INCH47-15151Pop
PretendersBack on the chain gang016819827 INCHARE 19New Wave
Yazz and the Plastic PopulationThe only way is up016919887 INCHCCUT 28House
Rose RoyceCar wash017019777 INCH32.003Disco
Philip LynottKing's Call017119807 INCH6059 288Pop
Andrew GoldNever Slet her slip away017219787 INCHAS 13.132Pop
SqueezeCool for cats017319797 INCHAMS 7426New Wave
ImaginationChanges017419827 INCH24.9935-7, 2499357Disco
FruitcakeMy feet won't move017519807 INCH1A 006-26599, 006-26599-ADisco
Zager & EvansIn the year 2525017619697 INCH74-0174Pop
Kool & the gangStraight ahead017719837 INCH101821Disco
Weeks & CompanyRock your world (Joho, Joho)017819817 INCH103.871Disco
M.C. Sar & The Real MacoyIt's on you017919907 INCH14917Disco
Lene LovichSay when018019797 INCHBUY 46New Wave
Pretenders, TheDon't get me wrong018119867 INCH248 573-7New Wave
Billy OceanStay the night018219807 INCHGT 271, 271Disco
Angela BofillHolding out for love018319817 INCH103 865Disco
Kool & the gangTake it to the top018419807 INCHDE-2Disco
Evelyn ThomasHigh energy018519847 INCHN 103, NUNK RECORDS 103Disco
Viola WillsIf you could read my mind018619807 INCH101 743Disco
5,000 VoltsI'm on fire018719757 INCH6006 464Disco
Pointer SistersHappiness018819787 INCHPL 12350Disco
DelegationYou and I018919807 INCH600.254Disco
Kat-ManduI wanna dance019019827 INCH3607, KS 3607 KFDisco
Whispers, TheTonight019119837 INCH96.9842-7Disco
ChicI feel your love comin' on019219827 INCH78.9830-7Disco
Earth, Wind & FireHeritage019319907 INCH655580 7Soul
Jimmy "Bo" HorneLet me019419787 INCHTKR 7502Disco
Yarbrough & PeoplesHeartbeats019519827 INCH6170 228Disco
Silver ConventionGet up and boogie019619767 INCH16 777 ATDisco
Kool & the gangCelebration019719807 INCH101372Disco
JuniorMama used to say019819817 INCHMER 98, 6059 518Disco
Johnny MathisGone, gone, gone019919797 INCHS CBS 7730Soul
HeatwaveGangsters of the groove020019807 INCHEPC 9326Disco
Gap Band, TheBurn rubber on me020119807 INCHMER 52Disco
FrantiqueStrut your funky stuff020219797 INCHS PIR 7728Disco
Earth, Wind & FireWanna be the man020319907 INCH656132 7Soul
Drafi Deutcher and his MagicsMormor, Stein und Eisen Bricht020419657 INCHD 19 735Pop
Bee GeesNights on broadway020519757 INCH2090 171Pop
A taste of honeyBoogie oogie oogie020619787 INCHCL 15988Disco
ChangeParadise020719817 INCHWEA 79 196Disco
Leon HaywoodDon't push it, don't force it020819807 INCHTC 2443Disco
Pino D'AngioMa Quale Idea020919807 INCHRFN-NP 16806, RFN NP 16806Disco
Art of Noise, TheParanoimia021019867 INCHVS4 43002Synth pop
REO SpeedwagonDon't let him go021119817 INCHEPC 9574, 9574Pop
SpinnersCupid021219807 INCHATL 11 498, ATL 11498Disco
Human League, TheMirror Man021319827 INCHVIN 45059New Wave
AzotoSan Salvador021419897 INCHRHR 1794Disco
Angela BofillSomething about you021519817 INCH103.713Disco
Emerson, Lake & PalmerPeter Gunn021619797 INCH100 824, 100 824-100Pop
Black BoxI don't know anybody else021719907 INCHPB 43479Disco
Hollies, TheThe air that I breathe021819747 INCH2058 435Pop
KajagoogooToo shy021919837 INCH1A 006-07700New Wave
Sharif DeanDo you love me?022019727 INCHCBS 8435Pop
Starland Vocal BandAfternoon Delight022119767 INCHCB-10588, 26.11446Pop
AnekaJapanese Boy022219817 INCH103.349Pop
Earth & FireMemories022319727 INCH2050 179Pop
Albert HammondAir disaster022419747 INCHEPC 2589Pop
CashmereLove's what I want022519797 INCH100.460, 100 460Disco
SailorSailor022619757 INCHEPC 3019Pop
Frankie Goes To HollywoodWelcome to the pleasuredome022719857 INCH107 199 EP, 107 199-100Pop
XTCMaking plans for Nigel022819797 INCH100 918, 100 918-100New Wave
ThemGloria022919677 INCH457.073Pop
YazooSituation023019827 INCH7-29953New Wave
JackpotIs everybody happy023119747 INCH06 15441-0Pop
SailorA glass of champagne023219757 INCHEPC S 3770, EPC 3770Pop
Kid Creole & the CoconutsAnnie I'm not your daddy023319827 INCH600 688Pop
Thelma HoustonIf you feel it023419817 INCHPB-2215Disco
BlondieRapture023519817 INCH102.697New Wave
Rose RoyceR.R. Express023619817 INCHWB 17.862Disco
Ritchie Family, TheGive me a break023719807 INCH102 237, 102.237Disco
Pointer SistersDare me023819857 INCHPB 49957Disco
Joey Dyser100 Years023919747 INCHD 1075, D1075Pop
O'Jays, TheLove train024019737 INCHEPC 1181Soul
Jacques HerbManuela024119717 INCH66.51-GPop
Roger HodgsonHad a dream024219847 INCHAMS 9795, AMS-9795Rock
Rolling Stones, TheHand of fate / Hot stuff024319767 INCH19123, 19 123, RS 19 123Pop
Gladys Knight & The PipsBaby don't change your mind024419777 INCHBDA 569, BDA-569Soul
Dan HartmanInstant Replay024519787 INCHSKY 6706Disco
Nits, TheJ.O.S. days024619877 INCHCBS 651308 7Pop
Black SlateAmigo024719807 INCH6059 328Reggae
Robert CrayRight next door024819867 INCH888 327-7Pop
Nits, TheThe Train024919897 INCHCBS 654636 7Pop
Sister SledgeGot to love somebody025019797 INCH11.404, COT11.404Disco
YesOwner of the lonely heart025119837 INCH79-9817-7Rock
Gary's gangShowtime025219877 INCHCBS 650090 7Disco
MUDL'L' Lucy025319757 INCH6078 450Pop
D-TrainYou're the one for me025419857 INCHZB 40301Disco
China CrisisWishful thinking025519837 INCH106 105, 106 105-100New Wave
Romantics, TheWhat I like about you025619807 INCHEPC 8248, 8248Rock
Gruppo SportivoHey girl025719787 INCH100052New Wave
ABBADancing queen025819767 INCH2001 680Pop
Fatback band, The(Do the) Spanish Hustle025919757 INCH2066 656Disco
Bay City RollersSaturday Night026019767 INCH4 C 006-97 445Pop
Peter MaffayDu026119707 INCHU 56 084Schlager
Marcia HinesYour love still brings me to my knees026219817 INCHFRS 009Disco
Philip Bailey with Phil CollinsEasy Lover026319847 INCHCBSA 4915, A 4915Pop
Pino MassaraMargherita026419797 INCH101.109Disco
Jimmy "Bo" HorneSpank026519797 INCHTKR 7538Disco
Joe TexAin't gonna bump no more026619777 INCHEPC 5035Disco
Robert PlantBig Log026719837 INCH79-9848-7, 79.9848-7Pop
QueenWe are the champions - We will rock you026819777 INCH1 C 006-60 045, 1C 006-60 045Pop
Ritchie Family, TheThe best disco in town026919767 INCHDBR 4561Disco
Yvonne EllimanLove pains027019827 INCHRAMSH-1092, 1092Disco
TiffanyLate night show027119787 INCH4B 006-26086Pop
Charles AznavourLa Boheme027219657 INCH60621Chanson
Michael JacksonOff the wall027319807 INCHEPC 8045Disco
My MineHypnotic Tango027419837 INCH105.827Disco
HeartMagic Man027519767 INCHNG 787Rock
MadnessGrey Day027619817 INCHBUY 112New Wave
Gary MooreOver the hills and far away027719867 INCH108 757, 108 757-100Pop
Nits, TheTutti ragazzi027819797 INCH8049, CBS 8049Pop
Silver ConventionFly Robin fly027919757 INCHMAG 43Disco
WhitesnakeFool for your loving028019897 INCHEM 123Rock
Simple MindsLove song028119817 INCHVS 434New Wave
Nits, TheNescio028219837 INCHA 3201, CBSA 3201Pop
Nits, TheSketches of Spain028319837 INCHA 3885, CBSA 3885Pop
PropagandaDuel028419857 INCH107 336, 107 336-100New Wave
Roland KaiserSanta Maria028519807 INCH102 140, 102 140-100Schlager
Dimitri van TorenHe kom aan028619817 INCH1A 006-26706Folk
PrincessSay I'm your No. 1028719857 INCH6.14438, 6.14438 ACDisco
Simple MindsGlittering Prize028819827 INCHVS 511New Wave
HeartThese dreams028919867 INCHB-5541Rock
Michael JacksonWanne Be startin' somethin'029019837 INCHEPCA 3427, A3427Disco
Michael Zager Band, TheLet's all chant029119777 INCHPVT 1417Disco
MadnessOur House029219827 INCHbuy 163New Wave
Melba MooreThis is it029319767 INCHBDS 443Disco
Melba MooreKeepin' my lover satisfied029419837 INCH1A 006-1868177Disco
Gary Moore & Phil LynottOut in the fields029519857 INCH107 318, 107 318-100Pop
Alan Parsons Project, theLucifer029619797 INCHARIST 294Synth pop
SupertrampSchool029719897 INCH014230.01Prog rock
SupertrampCannonball029819857 INCH390 012-7Prog rock
Earth, Wind & FireEstrella Radiante029919757 INCHCBS 3137Soul
Rodney FranklinThe groove030019807 INCH8529, CBS 8529Synth pop
Simple MindsDon't you030119857 INCHVS 749New Wave
SoulsisterThe way to your heart030219887 INCH006 1192397, 006-1192397Disco
Herbie HancockTell Everbody030319797 INCHCBS 7229, 7229Disco
Donna SummerCould it be magic030419767 INCHOC 405 NDisco
Van HalenRunnin' with the devil030519787 INCHWB 17.162Rock
Van HalenYou really got me / Runnin' with the devil030619807 INCHWB 17.604Rock
Pink FloydWhen the tigers broke free030719827 INCHX18 03142Prog rock
Dennie ChristianRosamunde030819747 INCH13 669 ATSchlager
Led ZeppelinWhole lotta love030919697 INCH584309Rock
QueenCrazy little thing called love031019797 INCH1A 006-63317Pop
Ram JamBlack Betty031119777 INCHEPC 5492Rock
K.I.D.Don't Stop031219817 INCH103.273Disco
Jacky van DamHand in hand, kameraden031319837 INCH2385, TS 2385 TFFolk
Earth, Wind & FireThat's the way of the world031419757 INCHCBS 3519Soul
Guess Who, TheAmerican woman031519707 INCH74-0325Pop
Sweet, ThePoppa Joe031619727 INCH74-16 136Pop
MiraclesLove Machine031719767 INCH5C 006-97182Disco
Fleetwood MacNeed your love so bad031819727 INCHCBS 8306Pop
Black SabbathParanoid031919817 INCH103.466, 103 466Rock
Dazz BandLet it all blow032019847 INCHZB-64348Disco
SladeCoz I luv you032119717 INCH2058 155Rock
EaglesHotel California - One of these nights032219837 INCHAS 13.197, 13197Pop
Walkers, TheThere's no more corn on the brasos032319717 INCH1591, KR 1591 KSPop
GenesisAbacab032419817 INCH6000 711Pop
Daniel SahulekaWake-up032519817 INCH2050 693Disco
Millie SmallMy boy lollipop032619647 INCHTF 449, 267331 TFPop
Julio IglesiasQuiereme Mucho032719797 INCHCBS 7469Pop
ChicYou are beautiful032819837 INCH78-9713-7Disco
DawnKnock three times032919707 INCH4 C 006-92100 M, 4C 006 92100 MPop
SantanaJingo // Evil ways033019797 INCHCBS S 5738Rock
Simple MindsWaterfront033119837 INCH105 983-100, 105 983New Wave
Average White BandPick up the pieces033219757 INCH10559Disco
Big CountryChance033319837 INCHCOUNT 4New Wave
VisageFade to grey033419807 INCHPOSPX 194New Wave
Pink FloydLearning to fly033519877 INCH1C 016-20 2216 7, 016 20 2216 7Prog rock
MarillionIncommunicado033619877 INCHMARIL 6Prog Rock
SladeLook what you dun033719727 INCH2058 195Rock
ACEHow Long033819747 INCH5C 006-96 008, 5C 006-96008Pop
MadnessOne step beyond...033919797 INCH6.12 644, 6.12644 AC, BUY 56New Wave
Golden EarringRadar love034019737 INCH2001 473Pop
QueenAnother one bites the dust034119807 INCH1A 006-64060Pop
TotoI'll supply the love034219797 INCHCBS 7157, 7157Pop
QueenFlash034319807 INCH1A 006-64205Pop
Bebu SilvettiSpringrain034419767 INCHSZ-2014Disco
Bob DylanLay Lady Lay034519697 INCH4434Pop
HarpoMoviestar034619757 INCH1C 006-35 201Pop
Average White BandLet's go round again034719807 INCHXB1151Disco
Desmond DekkerIsraelites034819697 INCHGLS 411, gls 411Pop
TotoI won't hold you back034919827 INCHCBSA 2691, A-2691Pop
Chaka KhanI'm every woman035019897 INCH922 963-7, W 2963Disco
Nits, TheRed tape035119817 INCHCBSA 1844, A 1844Pop
Boomtown Rats, TheI don't like mondays035219797 INCH6008 550Pop
Sweet, TheThe Ballroom Blitz035319737 INCH74 16349, 74-16349Pop
Cure, TheBoys don't cry035419867 INCH883 937-7New Wave
U2New Year's day035519837 INCH811 323-7Pop
Cat StevensMorning has broken035619717 INCH10 949 AT, 10949 ATPop
Talk TalkLife's what you make it035719867 INCH1A 006-20 0935 7, 006-20 0935 7Pop
Fleetwood MacDon't stop035819777 INCH16930Pop
Police, TheDon't stand so close to me035919807 INCHAMS 9001Pop
Police, TheSpirits in the material world036019817 INCHAMS 9186Pop
Kurtis BlowRappin'036119797 INCH6167 904Disco
Animals, theHouse of the rising sun036219817 INCH1A 006-91569Pop
Pretenders, TheTalk of the town036319807 INCHARE 12New Wave
Simple MindsAlive & kicking036419857 INCH107 695, 107 695-100New Wave
PromisesBaby it's you036519787 INCH1C 006-77 027Pop
Bay City RollersBye Bye Baby036619757 INCH1C 006-96 393, 1 C 006-96 393Pop
Kinks, TheLola036719707 INCHH 613Pop
Bryan FerryThe price of love036819897 INCHEGO 46Pop
Johnny RodriguesHey Mal Yo036919757 INCH49.133Pop
Pat BenatarLove is a battlefield037019837 INCH105 939, 105 939-100Pop
Donna SummerHot Stuff037119797 INCHBF 18665Disco
Full HouseStanding on the inside037219767 INCHCBS 4146, 4146Pop
Hank the Knife and the JetsStan the Gunman037319757 INCHNG 2043Pop
OpusLive is life037419847 INCH145.150, 145 150Pop
RamonesRock 'N' Roll High School037519807 INCHWBN 17.568, WB 17.568Punk
Ritchie Family, TheBrazil037619757 INCH783 001Disco
LakesideFantastic Voyage037719807 INCHFB-2129Disco
Nu ShoozI can't wait037819857 INCH134.709Disco
ExileHeart and soul037919817 INCH1C 008-64 511, 1 C 008-64 511Pop
EkseptionAir038019707 INCH318 992 PFSynth pop
Bryan FerryLet's stick together038119767 INCH17 015 ATPop
EkseptionThe 5th038219707 INCH6012 035Synth pop
Peter Tosh(You gotta walk) Don't look back038319787 INCH5C 006-61657Reggae
Jean Michel JarreEquinoxe038419797 INCHFDM 16000, FDM 16.000Synth pop
Georege DukeShine on038519827 INCHEPC A 2072Disco
Cliff RichardWe don't talk anymore038619797 INCH1 C 006-07 076Pop
Paul SimonLate in the evening038719807 INCHWBS 49511, WBS49511Pop
Tom JonesHelp yourself038819687 INCH79.791, 79.791-YPop
VandenbergDifferent Worlds038919837 INCH79.9814-7-N, 79-9814-7Rock
James LloydKeep on smiling039019827 INCHPS 82005, PS-82005Pop
Third WorldNoe that we found love039119787 INCH100 034, 100034Reggae
YelloThe Race039219887 INCH870 330-7Synth pop
AlessiOh, Lori039319777 INCHAMS 5467Pop
Barbra Streisand and Donna SummerNo more tears039419797 INCHVIP-2794Disco
Gary Brooker(No more) Fear of flying039519797 INCH100.669, 100 669Pop
Gibson BrothersNon-stop dance039619777 INCH6061 904Latin
FerrariMonza039719767 INCHNG 2138Pop
Electric Light OrchestraShine a little love039819797 INCHJET 144, S JET 144Pop
Everything but the girlEach & every one039919847 INCHNEG 1, NEG I, 249409-7Pop
Village PeopleY.M.C.A.
040019787 INCH0030.140Disco
Pacific Gas & ElectricAre you ready?040119707 INCH5039, 4-45158Pop
BAPKristallnaach040219827 INCH1C006-64 913Pop
O' Jays, ThePut your hands together040319737 INCHPIR 1905Disco
Brothers Johnson, TheThe real thing040419817 INCHAMS 9145Disco
Rose RoyceDo your dance040519777 INCHWB 17 006Disco
John WattsOne voice040619827 INCH1A 006-07612New Wave
John WattsI smelt roses040719837 INCH1A 006-07703New Wave
LaBelleVoulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?040819747 INCHEPC S 2798, EPC 2798Disco
Ike & Tina TurnerBaby get it on040919817 INCH5C K052Z -82652Pop
Dire StraitsSultans of swing041019787 INCH6059 206Pop
ABBADoes your mother know041119797 INCH2001 881Pop
ABBAVoulez vous041219797 INCH2001 899Pop
Rod StewartYoung Turks041319817 INCHWB 17.893, WB 17893Pop
Tokens, TheThe lion sleeps tonight041419617 INCH47-9382Pop
Bow Wow WowDo you wanna hold me?041519837 INCHRCA 314, RCA-314Pop
Earth & FireLove of life041619747 INCH2050 322Pop
Alexander CurlyI'll never drink again041719727 INCHNG 284Pop
Rick JamesSuper Freak041819817 INCH101546Disco
NaradaDivine Emotions041919887 INCH927 967-7Disco
TavaresWhodunit042019777 INCH5C 006-85107Disco
Paul ParkerRight on Target042119827 INCH3725, KS 3725 KFDisco
Pretenders, TheBrass in pocket (I'm Special)042219807 INCHSRE 49181New Wave
Bad MannersCan Can042319817 INCH1A 006-64445Pop
Steve WinwoodStill in the game042419827 INCH104.501, 104 501-100Pop
BlackWonderful Life042519877 INCH390 235-7, 390235-7Pop
New Seekers, TheBeg, steal or borrow042619727 INCH2058-201Pop
Men at workOverkill042719837 INCHCBSA 3220, A 3220New Wave
Rolling Stones, TheHonky Tonk Women / You can't always get what you want042819697 INCHDL 25 380Pop
Joe JacksonReal Men042919827 INCHAMS 9215New Wave
MPop Muzik043019797 INCH0032.068Disco
Thompson TwinsLove on your side043119837 INCH105 094, 105 094-100New Wave
Rubettes, TheTonight043219747 INCH2058 499Pop
StargardHigh on the boogie043319817 INCHWB 17829, WB 17.829Disco
SupertrampThe Logical Song043419797 INCHAMS 7427Prog rock
PropagandaP:Machinery043519857 INCH107 606, 107 606-100New Wave
Steely DanHaitian Divorce043619767 INCH17 612 ATPop
Joe JacksonBe My Number Two043719847 INCHAMS 9776New Wave
Earth, Wind & FireSaturday Nite043819767 INCHCBS 4835Soul
Earth, Wind & FireSerpentine Fire043919777 INCHCBS 5778Soul
YelloI love you044019837 INCH812 150-7, 812 150-7 QSynth pop
YazooDon't Go044119827 INCH101674New Wave
Robert PalmerLooking for clues044219807 INCH102.483Pop
Gordon LightfootSundown044319747 INCHREP-14.353, REP 14353Pop
Les Humphries SingersMexico044419727 INCH105/26.341-y, 105-26.341YLatin
Mike AnthonyWhy can't we live together044519827 INCHDPX 782Disco
Stranglers, TheNo more heroes044619777 INCHUP 36300New Wave
OttawanHands up044719817 INCH2044 204, CAR 2068Disco
Robert PalmerJohn and Mary044819807 INCH102 243, 102.243Pop
Long Tall Ernie and the ShakersBig Fat Mama044919737 INCHNG 380Pop
Greenfield & CookOnly Lies045019717 INCH2050 134Pop
Teena MarieBehind the groove045119807 INCH1A 006-63956Disco
Shocking BlueVenus045207 INCHPE 22.015, DU 21057, DU 21058Pop
Sugarhill gangRapper's delight045319797 INCHSH 101Disco
Pink FloydRun like hell045419807 INCH1A 006-63833Prog rock
Bee GeesYou should be dancing045519767 INCH2090 195Pop
Deep PurpleChild in time045619727 INCH5C 006-93557Rock
Stealers WheelStar045719737 INCH13 078 ATPop
Bee GeesStayin' alive045819777 INCH2090 267Pop
Alice CooperSchool's out045919727 INCH16 188, No 16188Pop
Depeche ModeEnjoy the silence046019907 INCHBong 18Synth pop
Flying Lizards, TheMoney046119797 INCH100 901, 100 901-100New Wave
People's ChoiceYou ought to be dancin'046219817 INCH60 00 616Disco
Depeche ModeYou ought to be dancin'046319847 INCHINT 111.818, 7 Bong 5Synth pop
Rolling Stones, ThePaint it black046419787 INCH6.11170, DL 25 519Pop
Killing JokeLove like blood046519857 INCH881 618-7New Wave
Diana RossI'm coming out046619817 INCH101405Disco
ChangeA lover's holiday046719807 INCHWEA 79.139, WEA 79139Disco
Fischer-ZBerlin046819817 INCH1A 006-83150New Wave
Rolling Stones, The(I can't get no) Satisfaction046919657 INCHAT 15043, F.12220Pop
Pink FloydHave a cigar047019767 INCH2C 010-97.357, 2C.010-97357Prog rock
Pink FloydMoney047119737 INCH5C 006-05368, 5C 006-05 368Prog rock
The TheUncertain smile047219837 INCHA 4323, EPCA 4323New Wave
Crazy world of Arthur Brown, TheFire!047319687 INCH60 060Pop
Roxy MusicDo the strand047419737 INCH12 713 ATPop
Chaplin Band, TheIl Veliero047519827 INCHPS-82004Disco
Thompson TwinsHold me now047619837 INCH106 037, 106 037-100New Wave
Thompson TwinsDoctor! doctor!047719847 INCH106 194, 106 194-100New Wave
Fischer-ZMarliese047819817 INCH1A006-83116New Wave
Fischer-ZRoom service / Limbo047919807 INCH1A 006-82921New Wave
Rolling Stones, TheEmotional Rescue048019807 INCH1A 006-63974Pop
Jam, theA town called Malice048119827 INCH2059 456New Wave
Donna SummerLast Dance048219787 INCH45 CB 133, 45. CB.133Disco
Dirt Band, theAmerican dream048319797 INCH1A 006-82815Pop
Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet bandAgainst the wind048419807 INCH1A 006-86149Pop
Ian Dury048519777 INCHSRS 510.032New Wave
Shirts, TheTell me your plans048619787 INCH5C 006-06763New Wave
Korgis, TheEverybody's got to learn sometime048719807 INCH4359Pop
a-haI've been losing you048819867 INCH928 594-7Synth pop
China CrisisWorking with fire and steel048919837 INCHVS 620New Wave
Donald FagenNew Frontier049019827 INCH92.9792-7Pop
Brooklyn Express(Spank)Sixty-nine049119827 INCH103 989, 103.989Disco
Bang Gang, theStreet Music049219817 INCH6017 305Disco
David Bowie
Boys keep swinging049319797 INCHPB-1585Pop
Kate BushBabooshka049419807 INCH1A 006-07321Pop
Earth, Wind & FireFall in love with me049519827 INCHCBS A2927Soul
Lynsey De PaulSugar me049619727 INCHMAM 81Pop
Creedence Clearwater RevivalSweet Hitch Hiker049719717 INCHBF 18044Pop
Solomon BurkeA change is gonna come049819867 INCHMRS 734Soul
Mike OldfieldTo France049919847 INCH106 590, 106 590-100Synth pop
Simple MindsSantify yourself050019867 INCH107 919, 107 919-100New Wave
Frankie Goes To HollywoodRelax050119837 INCHZTAS 1Pop
Tee-SetShe likes weeds050219707 INCHNG 201Pop
SupertrampBreakfast in America050319797 INCHAMS 7651Prog rock
MadonnaDress you up050419857 INCH928 919-7Pop
LoboCaribbean Disco Show050519817 INCH6208 053Disco
Ian Dury & the BlockheadsHit me with your rhythm stick050619787 INCHBUY 38New Wave
Walker Brothers, TheThe sun ain't gonna shine any more050719667 INCH148 549 STFPop
Joe JacksonSteppin' out050819827 INCHAM 2428, 2428-SNew Wave
Pretenders, TheMessage of love050919817 INCHWBN 17.756New Wave
John WattsSpeaking a different language051019817 INCH1A 006-07570, 1 C 006-07 570New Wave
Grand FunkSome kind of wonderful051119757 INCH5C 006-81816Pop
Flash and the PanWaiting for a train051219837 INCH145.029Pop
Deep PurpleBlack Night051319707 INCHHAR 5020Rock
Cure, TheWhy can't I be you?051419877 INCH888 454-7New Wave
George BensonGive me the night051519807 INCHWB 17.653Disco
David BowieModern love051619837 INCH1A 006-1867627Pop
LimeYour love051719817 INCHRAMSH 1022Disco
Patrick HernandezBorn to be alive051819797 INCH6.12444 ACDisco
KokomoA little bit further away051919827 INCHCBS A2064Pop
Four TopsIndestructible052019887 INCH111 510Disco
Ashford & SimpsonSolid052119847 INCH1A 006 20 0424 7, 1A 006-20 0424 7Disco
Labi Siffre(Something inside) So strong052219877 INCH108 902Soul
RaceyLay your love on me052319787 INCH1C 006-61 988Pop
Earth, Wind & FireThe changing times052419817 INCHCBSA 2375Soul
Earth, Wind & FireFantasy052519787 INCHS CBS 6056Soul
ChangeChange of heart052619847 INCH249 365-7Disco
J. Geils Band, TheCenterfold052719817 INCH1C 006-86 454, 1A 006-86454Pop
Babys, TheA piece of the action052819787 INCH11 818, 11818Pop
Blue FeatherLet's funk tonight052919817 INCH6017 232Disco
Whispers, TheIt's a love thing053019817 INCHFB-2154Disco
Whispers, TheIn the raw053119817 INCHSO 12597Disco
Sister SledgeHe's the greatest dancer
053219787 INCH44245Disco
Look, TheI am the beat053319807 INCH102673, 102.673New Wave
Earth, Wind & FireJupiter053419777 INCHS CBS 6267Soul
Earth, Wind & FireMagic Minid053519787 INCHS CBS 6490Soul
Ian HunterWe gotta get out of here053619807 INCH101.762, 101 762New Wave
KingLove & pride053719847 INCHA 4988, CBSA 4988New Wave
U.KRendezvous 6:02053819797 INCH2001 889Pop
Stevie WonderI ain't gonna stand for it053919807 INCHTMG 1215Disco
Ashford & SimpsonFound a cure054019797 INCHWB 26112, 26112Disco
Tim FinnFraction too much friction054119837 INCHEPCA 3932, A 3932Pop
Julio IglesiasAmor de mis amores054219817 INCHCBSA 1366Pop
Donna SummerThe Hostage054319747 INCHGR 1207Disco
Electric Light OrchestraLiving Thing054419767 INCH5C 006-98 444, 5C 006-98444Pop
Duran DuranUnion of the snake054519837 INCH1A 006-1653857New Wave
a-haThe sun always shines on TV054619857 INCH928 846-7Synth pop
Earth, Wind & FireSeptember054719787 INCHS CBS 6922Soul
Gilbert O' SullivanClair054819727 INCH6101 666Pop
Gloria GaynorStop in the name of love054919837 INCH166.001Disco
GazeboI like Chopin055019837 INCH1C 006-65 151, 1 C 006-65 151Disco
MistralStarship 109055119787 INCH141.455Pop
Peter KentIt's a real good feeling055219797 INCH1A 006-45773Disco
Carl DouglasKung Fu Fighting055319747 INCH45 PY. 3145, 45. PY. 3145Disco
Marianne RosenbergIch Bin Wie Du055419757 INCH6003 489Schlager
Jaki GrahamSet me free055519867 INCH006-20 1174 7, 1A 006-20 1174 7Disco
Sharon BrownI specialize in love055619827 INCHVS 494Disco
LoboThe Soca Calypso Party055719827 INCH6208 064Disco
Love UnlimitedI'm so glad that I'm a woman055819817 INCHULGA 1187Disco
Dutch, TheThis is welfare055919837 INCHEPCA 3685Pop
Roger HodgsonIn Jeopardy056019847 INCHAMS 9819Rock
Tom BrowneFunkin' for Jamaica (N.Y.)056119807 INCH102.327, 102 327 - 100Funk
Donna SummerHeaven knows056219787 INCH6175 006Disco
GenesisTurn it on again056319807 INCH6079 493Pop
Mandred MannFox on the run056419687 INCH267 906 TFPop
Peter FramptonShow me the way056519767 INCH16 802 ATPop
Big CountryLook away056619867 INCH884 645-7, 884 645-7QNew Wave
Cocktail Trio, HetGeen bier, geen borrel, geen wijn056719627 INCH9-35.360, 9.35.360Folk
David BowieLet's dance056819837 INCH1C 006-86 660Pop
Fine Young CannibalsJohnny come home056919857 INCH882 062-7, 882 062-7 MESynth pop
Iggy PopLust for life057019777 INCHPB-9166Punk
Korgis, TheRovers Return057119807 INCH4391Pop
Lloyd Cole and the CommotionsRattlesnakes057219847 INCH881 458-7, 881-458-7New Wave
Patrice RushenForget me nots057319827 INCHELK.13.168, ELK 13.168Disco
PilotMagic057419747 INCH5C 006-05 742, 5C 006-05742Pop
Talking HeadsThe lady don't mind057519857 INCH1A 006-20 0654 7Pop
Vicki Sue RobinsonTurn the beat around057619767 INCHPB 10562Disco
George HarrisonGot my mind set on you057719877 INCH928 178-7Pop
Ten SharpJapanese Lovesong057819857 INCHEPCA 6234Pop
Nick LoweI love the sound of breaking glass057919787 INCHADA 1New Wave
Long John Baldry(Walk me out in the) Morning dew058019807 INCH1A 006-86329Pop
Ritchie Family, TheAmerican generation058119787 INCH0030.131Disco
BlondieDenis058219787 INCH11 821New Wave
Earth, Wind & FireIn the stone058319797 INCHS CBS 8252Soul
Electric Light OrchestraHold on tight058419817 INCHJET 7011, 7011Pop
P.I.L.This is not a love song058519837 INCH105 938, 105 938-100Punk
SardouLes lacs du connemara058619817 INCH410 171Chanson
Boney MBelfast058719777 INCH11 537 AT, AT 11537Disco
McFadden & WhiteheadAin't no stoppin' us now058819797 INCHPIR 7365Disco
Cocktail Trio, HetBatje vier058919617 INCH9.35318, 9.35.318, 9-35.318Folk
Lynn AndersonRose Garden059019707 INCH5360, 4-45252Pop
Communards, TheNever can say goodbye059119877 INCH886 206-7Synth pop
Ed & Willem BeverHet stoomlied059219707 INCHJF 336 098, 336 098 JFFolk
AlphavilleSounds like a melody059319847 INCH249 366-7, 249 366-7-NSynth pop
Bee GeesNight Fever059419787 INCH2090 272Pop
McGuin, Clark & HillmanDon't you write her off059519797 INCH5C 006-85837Pop
Steve Harley & Cockney RebelSebastian - Make me smile059607 INCH1A 006-07194Pop
Percy SledgeMy special prayer059719677 INCHATL 70 242, Atl 70.242Pop
Bruce Hornsby and the RangeThe way it is059819867 INCHPB 49805, PB49805Pop
PartnerKayuta Hill059919777 INCH6012 761, 6012761Pop
Simple MindsAll the things she said060019867 INCH108 131, 108 131-100New Wave
Earth, Wind & FireSystem of survival060119877 INCH651180 7, CBS 651180 7Soul
ShakatakEasier said than done060219817 INCH2059 424Disco
Alice CooperHalo of flies060319737 INCHWB 16 296, WB 16296Pop
What Fun!The right side won060419837 INCH106.063Reggae
Boney MRasputin060519787 INCH15 808 AT, 15808 ATDisco
Earth, Wind & FireThinking of you060619877 INCH651373 7, CBS 651373 7Soul
China CrisisKing in a catholic style060719857 INCH107 291, 107 291-100New Wave
JigsawSky High060819757 INCH06 19263 6, 06-19263-6Pop
Linda LewisClass060919847 INCH134.648Disco
Bill Wyman(Si Si) Je suis un rock star061019817 INCHAMS 9157, AMS 8144Pop
David BowieUnderground061119867 INCH1A 006-20 1281 7, 20 1281 7Pop
Depeche ModeMaster and Servant061219847 INCHINT 111.821, 7 Bong 6Synth pop
Earth, Wind & FireTrun on061319887 INCH653168 7, CBS 653168 7Soul
FreeezI.O.U.061419837 INCH105 535, 105 535-100Disco
Gary's GangKeep on dancin'061519797 INCHCBS 7109, 7109Disco
Hues Corporation, TheRock the boat061619747 INCHAPBO-0232, 26.11 201, 26.11201Disco
ImaginationIn the heat of the night061719827 INCH24.9998-7, WEA 24.9998-7Disco
Johnny Guitar WatsonBooty Ooty061819807 INCH1A 006-63936Funk
New AdventuresMidnight Magic Maniac061919817 INCH2050 666Pop
Tony MarshallSchone Maid062019717 INCH14891 ATSchlager
Orchestral manoeuvres in the darkSouvenir062119817 INCH103 520, 103520New Wave
RammsteinAngst062220227 INCH0602445727834Industrial metal
SantanaOye Coma Va / Samba Pa Ti062319817 INCHCBSA 1876Rock
Stevie NicksStand Back062419837 INCH25.9870-7, 25-9870-7Pop
Earth, Wind & FireCan't let go062519807 INCH8077, CBS 8077Soul
Fra Lippo LippiShouldn't have to be like that062619867 INCH107 907, 107 907-100Pop
Black BoxFantasy062719907 INCH879 088-7Disco
Benelux & Nance DeeSwitch062819797 INCH100.395Disco
LondonbeatYou bring on the sun062919927 INCHZB45445, zb 45445Pop
Kool & the gangGet down on it063019817 INCH101610Disco
Brothers Johnson, TheStomp063119807 INCHAMS 7657, AM - 2216Disco
Kool & the gangLadies night063219797 INCHKOOL 7Disco
David BowieThis is not America063319857 INCH1C 006-20 0482 7, 1C 006 20 0482 7Pop
CarlsbergAll the president's men063419797 INCH4051Pop
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassA taste of honey063507 INCHFK-1032Latin
Chris Montez & RazaAy No Digas063619737 INCHCBS 1240Latin
Julien ClercElle voulait qu'on l'apelle Venise063719757 INCH5C 006-12222Chanson
Amii StewartKnock on wood063819787 INCHK 11214Disco
L.T.D.(Every time I turn around) Back in love again063919777 INCHAMS 5614Disco
Rupert HolmesHim064019797 INCH101 536Pop
ZenHair064119687 INCHJF 334 634, 334 634 JFRock
Jurgen MarcusEin festival der liebe064219737 INCHU 56 270Schlager
Gruppo SportivoRock 'N Roll064319787 INCH11 877 ATNew Wave
Tom Tom ClubWordy Rappinghood064419817 INCH103.261Synth pop
Kiki Dee Band, theI've got the music in me064519747 INCHPIG 12Disco
O' Jays, TheI love music064619767 INCHS PIR 3879Soul
Sheryl Lee RalphIn the evening064719847 INCH106 966Disco
Ike & Tina TurnerNutbush City Limits064819787 INCH5C 006.94740, 5C 006-94740Pop
Hothouse FlowersDon't go064919887 INCHLON 174, 8862797Pop
Patrick SimmonsSo wrong065019837 INCH96.9839-7Disco
HeartAlone065119877 INCH1C 006-20 1801 7, 1C 006 20 1801 7Rock
Duncan BrowneThe wild places065219787 INCHGO 329Pop
Three Dog NightThe show must go on065319747 INCH5C 006-95324, 5C 006-95 324Pop
Big CountryFields of fire065419837 INCHCOUNT 2, 605 960-4New Wave
BAPVerdamp lang her065519817 INCH1C 006-46 543Pop
Fischer-ZThe Worker065619797 INCH5C 006-82677New Wave
GenesisMama065719837 INCH814 219-7Pop
JourneyOnly the young065819857 INCHGEFA 6058, A-6058Pop
CommodoresLady(you bring me up)065919817 INCH101529Disco
Boney MSunny066019767 INCH17.459-H, 17 459 ATDisco
Middle of the RoadSoley soley066119717 INCH74-16 108Pop
Golden EarringSleepwalkin'066219767 INCH2001 626Pop
QueenBohemian Rhapsody066319757 INCHEMI 2375Pop
QueenI want to break free066419847 INCH1A 006-2001177, QUEEN 2Pop
Mother's FinestBaby Love066519787 INCHEPC 5725Rock
Gruppo SportivoDisco really made it066619797 INCH100335, 100.335New Wave
Earth, Wind & FireLet's Groove066719817 INCHA-1679, CBSA 1679Soul
Stevie WonderDo I do066819827 INCH101658Soul
TavaresMore than a woman066919787 INCHCL 15977Disco
StargardWear it out067019797 INCHWB 17475Disco
Howard JonesLook mama067119857 INCH249 091-7, HOW 7Synth pop
Donna SummerShe works hard for the money067219837 INCH812 370-7Disco
Howard JonesLife in one day067319857 INCHHOW 8, 249 013-7Synth pop
Grace JonesPull up to the bumper067419817 INCH103.337Pop
Simple MindsGhostdancing067519867 INCH108 633, 108 633-100New Wave
Dire StraitsWater of love067619787 INCH6059 217Pop
FreeezPop goes my love067719837 INCH105 795, 195 795-100Disco
Assembled Multitude, TheOverture from Tommy067819707 INCH2737Pop
Meat LoafYou took the words right out of my mouth067919787 INCHEPC 5980Pop
Maxine NightingaleRight back where we started from068019757 INCH5C 006-97188Soul
Patrick CowleyMenergy068119817 INCH103.811Disco
TriumviratWaterfall068219787 INCH5C 006-45189Pop
VoyageDiscotch068319817 INCHFRS 003Disco
Level 42Lessons in love068419867 INCH883 956-7Pop
Miquel BrownSo many men, so little time068519837 INCH13.245, 13245Disco
BandoleroParis Latino068619837 INCH105 121Disco
Kate BushCloudbusting068719857 INCH1A 006-20 0899 7Pop
Cure, ThePrimary068819817 INCH2059 293New Wave
Rolling Stones, TheTime is on my side068919827 INCH1A 006-64930Pop
Jimi HendrixHey Joe069019677 INCH59 061, 59061Pop
Kate BushWuthering Heights069119787 INCH5C 006-06596Pop
AsiaDon't Cry069219837 INCHGEFA 3580Pop
Kate BushHounds of love069319867 INCH1C 006 20 1057 7, 20 1057 7Pop
Rolling Stones, TheRespectable069419787 INCH7C 006-61720Pop
Sweet, TheFox on the run069519757 INCHLPBO-5044, 26.11252, 26.11 252Pop
Talk TalkSuch a shame069619847 INCH1A 006-2001197Pop
Human League, TheLove action069719817 INCHVS435New Wave
Talk TalkLiving in another world069819867 INCH006 20 1086 7, 1A 006-20 1086 7Pop
Earth, Wind & FireGetaway069919767 INCHCBS 4532, 4532Soul
Van HalenJump070019837 INCH7-29384, 9 29384-7Rock
Beach Boys, TheGod only knows070119817 INCHA-5030Pop
Real thing , TheYou to me my are everything(remix 76 - 86)
070219867 INCH7P 349Disco
Lieutenant PigeonMouldy old dough070319727 INCH6103 036Pop
ShannonLet the music play070419837 INCH100·07·238Disco
Mike & The MechanicsThe living years070519887 INCHU 7717, 257717-7, U7717New Wave
Peaches & HerbShake your groove thing070619787 INCH2066 992Disco
Ren Woods & Beverly D'AngeloAquarius070719797 INCHPB-1657Pop
Gladys Knight & The PipsTaste of bitter love070819807 INCHCBS 8890Soul
ChicMy feet keep dancing070919797 INCHATL 11.415Disco
ChicLe Freak071019787 INCH11209, 11 209Disco
Trini LopezAmerica - If I had a hammer071119857 INCH45014Pop
Al MartinoVolare071219757 INCH4C 006-82019, 4 C 006-82019Pop
David EssexGonna make you a star071319747 INCHCBS S 2492, CBS 2492Pop
ChicI want your love071419787 INCHATL 11.245, ATL.11.245Disco
Roxy MusicAngel eyes071519797 INCH2001 900Pop
Cliff RichardPower to all our friends071619737 INCH5C 006-05312, 5C 006-05 312Pop
Isley Brothers, TheThat Lady(part 1 & 2)071719737 INCHEPC 1704, ZS7-2251Disco
B.T. ExpressDo it('til you're satisfied)071819747 INCHM 25613, M 25.613, VR 10.002Disco
Diana RossLove hangover071919767 INCH5C 006-97629Disco
Michel FugainRing et ding072019767 INCHBBZ 3011Chanson
OdysseyInside out072119827 INCHRCA 226Disco
Earth, Wind & FireGot to get you into my life072219787 INCHCBS 6553, 6553Soul
Earth, Wind & FireAfter the love has gone072319797 INCHCBS 7721, 7721Soul
Earth, Wind & FireStar072419797 INCHCBS 7902, 7902Soul
Earth, Wind & FireBack on the road072519807 INCHCBS 9377, 9377Soul
Mo, theFred Astaire072619807 INCH6080 007Synth pop
KissSure know something072719797 INCH45 CB 1226, 45. CB.1226Pop
D-TrainMusic072819837 INCHRHR 1198, 1198Disco
Unlimited TouchSearching to find the one072919817 INCHRAMS 1029, RAMSH-1029Disco
Tubeway ArmyAre 'friends' electric?073019797 INCHINT 111.520New Wave
Roger WatersWhat God wants, part 1073119927 INCH658139 7, COL 758139 7Prog rock
Dire StraitsLady Writer073219797 INCH6059 230Pop
Cat StevensLady D'Arbanville073319887 INCH103 059, 103 059 - 100Pop
Alides HiddingHollywood Seven073419807 INCH2229 221Disco
FocusSylvia073519727 INCH5C 006-24607, 5C 006-24 607Pop
Bob DylanLike a rolling stone073619657 INCH1.952, 43346Pop
MarillionCover my eyes073719917 INCH006-20 4348 7, 006 20 4348 7Prog Rock
Barry WhiteLet the music play073819757 INCHBTC 2265Soul
AsiaHeat of the moment073919827 INCHGEFA 2207, A-2207Pop
Natalie ColeThis will be074019757 INCH5C 006-81963Disco
J.J. CaleCocaine074119767 INCH6073 429Pop
Pointer SistersFire074219787 INCHP-45901Disco
David BowieLoving the alien074319857 INCHEA 195, 006 20 0599 7Pop
Barry WhiteCan't get enough of your love, babe074419747 INCH6162 023Soul
FishA gentleman's excuse me074519907 INCH006-20 3755 7Synth Pop
ChicagoWishing you were here074619777 INCHCBS 4940Pop
Iron ButterflyIn a gadda da vida074719777 INCHATL 10 233Rock
Barry WhiteYou're the first, the last, my everything074819747 INCH6162 029Soul
Barry WhiteWhat am i gonna do with do?074919757 INCH6162 041Soul
Rolling Stones, TheMiss you075019787 INCHEMI 2802Pop
MDMCHow about it075119837 INCH4871, 48.71Disco
BadfingerCome and get it075219707 INCH2 C 006-90916 M, 2C 006-90.916 M, APPLE 20Pop
ShalamarMake that move075319817 INCHFB-2192Disco
Peter GabrielSolsbury Hill075419907 INCH113 890, VS 1322Pop
Gino SoccioTry it out075519817 INCHATL 11594, ATL 11.594Disco
RammsteinZick zack075620227 INCH0602445312795Industrial metal
MudTigerfeet075719817 INCH1A 006-64516Pop
PoppysNon, non, Rien N'A Change075819717 INCH61.417Chanson
Peter BrownLove in our hearts075919797 INCHTKR 7572Disco
Bellamy BrothersLet your love flow076019767 INCHWB 16 690Pop
Earth, Wind & FireAnd love goes on076119807 INCHCBS 9521, 9521Soul
Peaches & HerbWe've got love076219787 INCH2095 098Disco
Earth, Wind & FireSing a song076319757 INCHCBS S 3859, CBS 3859Soul
Men at workWho can it be now076419817 INCHCBSA 1611, A-1611New Wave
Earth, Wind & FireI've had enough076519827 INCHCBSA 1959, A-1959Soul
Patrick JuvetI love America076619787 INCH62.517, 62 517Disco
HeatwaveThe groove line076719777 INCHGT 115Disco
Cool Notes, TheIn your car076819857 INCH134.702Disco
Cozy PowellDance with the devil076919737 INCH5C 006-94962, 5C 006-94 962Pop
Earth, Wind & FireSpread your love077019837 INCHCBSA 3211, A 3211Soul
ShalamarThe second time around077119797 INCHFB-1709Disco
ShalamarI can make you feel good077219827 INCHSO 12599Disco
Beach Boys, TheRock 'N' Roll to the resque / Good vibrations077319867 INCH1A 006-20 1329 7, 006-20 1329 7Pop
Dance ReactionDisco Train077419817 INCHFRS 011, 011Disco
Bob DylanHurricane077519767 INCH13-33324Pop
Rose RoyceIs it love you're after077619797 INCHWB 17 456Disco
ImaginationMusic and lights077719827 INCHWEA 19197Disco
Earth, Wind & FireElectric Nation077819837 INCHCBSA 4131, A-4131Soul
Pink FloydAnother brick in the wall part II077919797 INCH1C 006-63494, 1C 006 63494Prog rock
Belle EpoqueMiss Broadway078019777 INCH2044 102Disco
Gino SoccioDancer078119797 INCHWB 17 357Disco
Alton EdwardsI just wanna078219827 INCHA-1897, STRA 1897Disco
Greg Kihn BandJeopardy078319837 INCH96.9847-7Pop
Thompson TwinsIn the name of love078419827 INCH103 915, 103 915 - 100New Wave
Julio IglesiasUn Canto A Galicia078519727 INCH105/26.333 YPop
Power Station, theSome like it hot078619857 INCH1A 006-2005197Pop
Gerhard WendlandTanze mit mir in den morgen078719617 INCH345 317 PFSchlager
Honeydrippers, TheSea of love078819847 INCH799 701-7Pop
HeartCrazy on you078919767 INCHM-7021Rock
RodShake it up079019807 INCH3165, KS 3165 KFDisco
ABBAGimme! Gimme! Gimme!079119797 INCH101237Pop
Steve Miller Band, TheAbracadabra079219827 INCH6000 836Pop
Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah BandCherchez La Femme079319777 INCHPB-10827Disco
Flash and the PanMidnight man079419857 INCHEPCA 4847, A-4847Pop
MadonnaInto the groove079519857 INCH928 934-7Disco
Alicia BridgesI love the nightlife079619787 INCH2066 936Disco
StyxSing for the day079719787 INCHAMS 6645Pop
MadonnaVogue079819907 INCH5439-19851-7, W 9851, W9851Disco
WhitesnakeHere I go again079919877 INCH006 20 2087 7, 1C 006 20 2087 7Rock
Gloria GaynorNever can say goodbye080019747 INCH2006 463Disco
Sister SledgeWe are family080119797 INCHATL 11.293Disco
SkyyLet love shine080219837 INCHRAMSH 1175Disco
TavaresHeaven must be missing an angel080319767 INCH5C 006-82259, 5C 006-82 259Disco
UniqueWhat I got is what you need080419837 INCH1248, RHR 1248Disco
Eloise WhitakerDon't turn your back on love080519827 INCHRAMSH 1084Disco
Men at workDown under080619827 INCHCBSA 2066, A - 2066New Wave
David BowieFame 90080719907 INCH006-20 3805 7Pop
Herman Brood and his Wild RomanceHot Shot080819807 INCH101.258, 101258Pop
Herman Brood and his Wild RomanceStill Believe080919787 INCH100 054Pop
Procol HarumConquistador081019727 INCH2016 032Pop
HeartBarracuda081119777 INCHPRT 5402Rock
BlondieHeart of glass081219797 INCH6285 007New Wave
Mr. BloeGroovin' with Mr. Bloe081319707 INCH14 618 ATPop
Sweet, TheBlock Buster081419737 INCH74-16 235, 74-16235Pop
Procol HarumA white shade of pale - Homburg081519797 INCHBUG 77Pop
QueenSomebody to love081619767 INCH5C 006-98 428, 5C 006-98428Pop
Human League, TheFascination081719837 INCH105 331, 105 331-100New Wave
Rolling Stones, TheAngie081819737 INCHRS 19 105Pop
Creedence Clearwater RevivalI put a spell on you081919727 INCH5C 006-93 738Pop
DelegationPut a little love on me082019807 INCH102 118, 102 118-100Disco
Rick JamesGlow082119857 INCHZB 40223Disco
SparksBeat the clock082219797 INCHVS270, VS 270Synth pop
Rolling Stones, TheUndercover of the night082319837 INCH1A 006-1654427Pop
Creedence Clearwater RevivalProud Mary082419807 INCHBO 221Pop
Rolling Stones, TheStart me up082519817 INCH1C 006-64 545Pop
Four Seasons, TheDecember 1963082619757 INCHGWB 0340Pop
Johnny Guitar WatsonIt's a damn shame082719787 INCHDJS 19004Funk
Positive ForceWe got the funk082819807 INCH6.12728Disco
Level 42The chant has begun082919847 INCHPOSP 710, 881434-7Pop
CircusBeer or Sangria083019747 INCHNG 439Pop
Harry BelafonteBanana Boat083107 INCH47-9130Pop
RedboneWe were all wounded at wounded knee
083219737 INCHEPC 1472Pop
Police, TheWalking on the moon083319797 INCHAMS 7642, AMS 7494Pop
Bachman Turner OverdriveYou ain't seen nothing yet083419747 INCH6167 025Pop
Four Tops, TheDon't walk away083519817 INCH6180 096Disco
Power Station, theGet it on083619857 INCH1A 006-20 0632 7Pop
IvanFotonovela083719847 INCHCBS A-4498, CBSA 4498Disco
Temptations, ThePower083819807 INCH1C 006-63 831Disco
ForecastHappy Days083919827 INCHPB 3297Disco
Roger WatersThe pros and cons of hitch hiking084019847 INCH1A 006-2001297Prog rock
Spider Murphy GangSkandal Im Sperrbezirk084119817 INCH1C 006-46 381, 1 C 006-46 381Pop
Fleetwood MacTusk084219797 INCHWB 17.468Pop
Esther PhilipsWhat a different a day made084319757 INCHKUDU 925Soul
KC & the Sunshine bandKeep it comin'084419777 INCH1023, TK-1023Disco
Earth, Wind & FireMagnetic084519837 INCHCBSA 3887, A-3887Soul
O'BryanLovelite084619847 INCH1A 006-2002337Disco
Barry WhiteYou see the trouble with me084719767 INCH6162 074Soul
SladeFar far away084819747 INCH2058 522Rock
TavaresDon't take away the music084919767 INCH5C 006-85 026, 5C 006-85026Disco
Stray CatsRock this town085019817 INCH102.890, 102 890, scat 2Rock
Mink DeVilleSpanish Stroll085119777 INCH5C 006-85 220, 5C 006-85220Pop
Strikers, TheBody music085219817 INCHEPC A1290Disco
Human League, TheThe Lebanon085319847 INCH106 421, 106 421-100New Wave
Rose RoycePop your fingers085419807 INCHWB 17.674Disco
Guess Who, TheClap for the wolfman085519747 INCHAPBO-0324, 26-11 209Pop
Creedence Clearwater RevivalTravelin'Band / Who'll stop the rain085619707 INCH5C 006-91116 MPop
Creedence Clearwater RevivalHave you ever seen the rain085719717 INCH5C 006-92235Pop
Leo SayerYou make me feel like dancing085819767 INCH6155 075Pop
Cindy & BertImmer wieder Sonntags085919737 INCH05 11679-9, A-1073Schlager
Cocktail Trio, HetKangoeroe086019617 INCH9.35.295Folk
EkseptionPeace planet086119717 INCH6012 068Pop
ABCThe look of love086219827 INCHNT 103New Wave
Helen ShapiroWalking back to hapiness086319617 INCH45 DB 4715Pop
Jacksons, TheShake your body086419797 INCHEPC 7124Disco
Trammps, TheShout086519867 INCH45098, VR 10825Disco
One Way ft. Al HudsonYou Can Do IT - Happy Feet086619797 INCH6031178Disco
SupertrampDreamer086719807 INCHAMS 9015Prog rock
People's ChoiceParty is a groovy thing086819767 INCHPIR 3922Disco
RammsteinDicke Titten086920227 INCH0602445730919Industrial metal
RammsteinDu Hast087020237 INCH0602455402318Industrial metal
Duran DuranThe Reflex087119847 INCH1A 006-2001507, DURAN 2New Wave
Frits RademacherLoeende Klokke/' t Huiske087219777 INCH2334, TS 2334 TFFolk
Jacksons, TheBlame it on the boogie087319787 INCHEPC 6683, 8-50595Disco
StyxBabe087419807 INCHAMS 7637Pop
Shocking BlueMighty Joe087519697 INCH22.029, 22.029 yPop
Style Council, TheWall come tumbling down087619857 INCHTSC 8New Wave
Crystal GayleDon't it make my brown eyes blue087719777 INCH5C 006-60095, 5C 006.60095Pop
Temptations, ThePapa was a rollin' stone(remix '87)087819877 INCHZB 41431Disco
LindemannSteh Auf087920197 INCH0808666, 00602508086663Metal
RammsteinMein Land088020117 INCH0602527864501Industrial metal
Wishful ThinkingHiroshima088119797 INCH0033.208New Wave
Trammps, TheZing went the strings of my heart
088219727 INCHBE 114-3034Disco
Golden EarringBombay088319767 INCH2121 312Pop
Dire StraitsWalk of life088419857 INCH880 994-7Pop
Cure, TheThe love cats088519837 INCH815 570-7New Wave
Kurtis BlowThe Breaks088619807 INCH6167 964Disco
XTCSenses working overtime088719827 INCH103.998, VS 462New Wave
Style Council, TheHave you ever had it blue088819867 INCH883 797-7New Wave
New AdventuresCome on088919797 INCH2050 587Pop
Stevie WonderMaster Blaster089019807 INCH1A 006-64076Disco
Vanessa WilliamsThe right stuff089119887 INCH887 386-7Disco
Black BoxStrike it up089219917 INCH879 822-7Disco
BlondieCall me089319807 INCH101.763, 101 763New Wave
Fischer-ZSo Long089419807 INCH1A 006-82871, 006-82871New Wave
MatchboxBuzz buzz a diddle it089519797 INCH1A 006-63679Pop
Smiths, TheBig mouth strikes again089619867 INCHMD 5286New Wave
StoneTime089719827 INCH104.063Disco
Simple MindsLet there be love089819917 INCHVS 1332, 114 089New Wave
Was not wasPapa was a rolling stone089919907 INCH875 436-7, WAS 7Disco
ZappMore bounce to the ounce090019807 INCHWBS49534Funk
Men at workIt's a mistake090119837 INCH38 03959New Wave
ABCPoison Arrow090219827 INCHNT 102, NT102New Wave
MezzoforteGarden Party090319837 INCHSTE 705Pop
Police, TheMessage in a bottle090419797 INCHAMS 7632, AM 7474Pop
David BowieSound and vision090519777 INCHPB-0905Pop
Michael JacksonDon't stop 'til you get enough090619797 INCHEPC 7763Disco
KayakRuthless queen090719797 INCH6012 961Pop
BugglesVideo killed the radio star090819797 INCH100.924Synth pop
Gilbert O'SullivanMatrimony090919717 INCH6101 663Pop
Rubettes, TheJuke Box Jive091019747 INCH2058 535Pop
A flock of seagullsWishing091119827 INCH145.010Synth pop
Earth & FireWhat difference does it make091219767 INCH2050 411Pop
Gloria GaynorI will survive091319787 INCH2066 979Disco
Nits, TheGiant Normal Dwarf091419907 INCH656495 7Pop
KajagoogooBig Apple091519837 INCH1C 006 1078027New Wave
Undertones, TheIt's going to happen091619817 INCH1A 006-64381New Wave
Maisonettes, TheHeartache Avenue091719827 INCHRSG 1Pop
Boney MHooray! Hooray! It's a Holi- Holiday091819797 INCH100 444 - 100, 100 444Disco
Christopher CrossAll Right091919837 INCH92.9843-7Pop
Cheap TrickI want you to want me092019797 INCHEPC 7201Pop
Earth & FireSeasons092119697 INCHS 1335Pop
SantanaHold on092219827 INCHA-2582, CBSA 2582Rock
Jean Michel JarreOxygene092319767 INCH2001 721Synth pop
OdysseyUse it up and wear it out092419807 INCHPB-1962Disco
MassadaLatin dance092519787 INCHKS 2690 KFDisco
Spooky & SueSwining on a star092619747 INCHNG 447Disco
Narada Michael WaldenTonight I'm allright092719807 INCHATL 11.437Disco
Andre HazesIk meen 't092819857 INCH1A 006-12 7208 7Folk
Cure, TheCaterpillar092919847 INCH821 458-7New Wave
Jam, theGoing Underground093019877 INCH2059 216New Wave
Cool Notes, TheSpend the night093119857 INCH134.697Disco
Pet Shop BoysWest end girls093219857 INCH006 20 0922 7, 1A 006-20 0922 7Synth pop
Steve Miller Band, TheThe Joker093319907 INCH006-20 3975 7Pop
a-haTake on me093419857 INCH929 006-7, W 9006Synth pop
GenesisLand of confusion093519867 INCH108 632, 108 632-100Pop
David BowieThe Jean Genie / Space Oddity093619807 INCHOLD-25010, OLD - 25010Rock
Talking HeadsSlippery People093719857 INCH1A 006 20 0486 7, 1A 006-20 0486 7Pop
INXSDisappear093819907 INCH878 646-7Pop
Philadelphia International All StarsLets clean up the ghetto093919777 INCHPIR 5451, 5451Disco
Andre HazesWat is dan liefde094019807 INCH1A 006-26630Folk
IndeepLast night a DJ saved my life094119827 INCH101731Disco
Players Association, TheTurn the music up!094219797 INCHVS 5011Disco
DillingerCokane in my brain094319777 INCH17997 AT, 17 997 ATReggae
Stranglers, TheNo mercy094419847 INCHEPCA 4921, A 4921New Wave
Andre HazesZeg maar niets meer094519817 INCH1A 006-26762Folk
SantanaSamba Pa Ti094619747 INCHCBS S 1840, CBS 1840Rock
Middle of the RoadChirpy chirpy cheep cheep094719717 INCH74-0407Pop
D TrainKeep on / Walk on by094819827 INCHRAMSH-1094, 1094Disco
Andre HazesDiep in mijn hart094919827 INCH1A 006-26813Folk
RammsteinDeutschland095020197 INCH7761888Industrial metal
Cure, TheIn between days095119857 INCH883 270-7, FICS22New Wave
Andre Hazes'n Beetje verliefd095219817 INCH1A 006-26702, 1A 006 26702Folk
A flock of seagullsI ran095319827 INCH144.943, 144 943New Wave
Andre Hazes'n Vriend095419807 INCH1A 006-26484Folk
Andre HazesZij gelooft in mij095520237 INCH2022-1290Folk
Curtis MayfieldMove on up095619837 INCHFBS 23Funk
Johnny Guitar WatsonA real mother for ya095719877 INCH45254Funk
Ike & Tina TurnerRiver deep - moutain high095819817 INCHAMS 9184Soul
Boudewijn de GrootHet land van Maas en Waal / Testament095919677 INCHAT 10 247Folk
Van HalenPanama096019847 INCH929 273-7Rock
Howard JonesHide & seek096119847 INCH24-9481-7Synth pop
SpargoYou and me096219807 INCHINS-9546Disco
Archies, TheSugar sugar096319697 INCHRCA 1872Pop
Novo BandYou're gonna be mine096419867 INCH108 097Disco
Billy PrestonIt will come in time096519797 INCH1A 006-63265Soul
Rolling Stones, TheAngry096620237 INCH581 224-8Rock
Mariniers der Koninklijke MarineAlte Kameraden/Einzug der Gladiatoren096719627 INCH314 041 RFMarches
Cure, TheLullaby096819897 INCH871-990-7New Wave
Temptations, ThePapa was a rollin' stone096919727 INCH5C 006-93 908Soul
FocusTommy097019727 INCH5C 006-24629Rock
U2Sunday Bloody Sunday097119837 INCH105 330Pop
Crispian St. PetersThe Pied Piper097219667 INCH1320Pop
Elvis PresleyAll shook up097319577 INCH47-6870Rock & Roll
Kinks, TheMr. Pleasant097419677 INCH7N 17314Pop
Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersRefugee097519807 INCH101 362Pop
Righteous Brothers, TheUnchained Melody097619657 INCHMVG 541Ballad
Righteous Brothers, TheYou've lost that lovin' feelin'097719677 INCH2095 335Ballad
Cure, TheJust like heaven097819877 INCH887 104-7New Wave
Clash, TheMagnificent seven(remix)097919817 INCHCBS A1134New Wave
Cure, TheClose to me098019857 INCH883 361-7New Wave
Suzi Quatro & Chris NormanStumblin' In098119787 INCH5C 006-61907Pop
IronhorseSweet Lui-Louise098219797 INCHATL 11.271Pop
INXSNeed you tonight098319877 INCH888 813-7Pop
Fun Boy Three, TheIt ain't what you do…098419827 INCH104,052Pop
Commodores, TheToo hot ta trot098519777 INCH5C 006-60 31Soul
MadnessHouse of fun098619827 INCHBUY 146Ska
Stevie WonderPart-time lover098719857 INCHZB 40351Disco
Andre HazesBuona Sera/Oh Marie098819857 INCH1A 006-12 7271 7Folk
Muddy WatersMannish boy098919887 INCH12-651637-00Blues
John Lee Hooker with Carlos SantanaThe Healer099019907 INCHZB43385Blues
Won Ton TonI lie and I cheat099119877 INCH248 088 7Pop
Jenny BurtonBad habits099219857 INCH789 583-7Disco
MadnessIt must be love099319817 INCHBUY 134Ska
MosesWe just099419857 INCH5091Disco
MadnessShut up099519817 INCHBUY 126Ska
Kitty GrantGlad to know you099619837 INCH145,052Disco
Kid Creole & the CoconutsWonderful thing099719827 INCH104,137Disco
Kid Creole & the CoconutsAndicott099819857 INCH928 959-7Disco
LimeUnexpected lover099919857 INCH881 984-7Disco
Platters, TheMy prayer/Smoke gets in your eyes100019697 INCH6170 086Soul
Mink DeVilleDemasiado Carazon100119847 INCH789 679-7Latin
YelloVicious Games100219857 INCH880 574-7Synth Pop
Wally TaksMiss wonderful100319737 INCH13.096 ATPop
Billy PaulMe and Mrs. Jones100419777 INCHPIR 4893Soul
Specials, TheGangsters100519797 INCH100 879Ska
Jacksons, TheCan you feel it100619817 INCH9554 CB111Disco
Michael JacksonBeat it100719837 INCHA-3184 CB111Pop
Michael JacksonRock with you100819807 INCH8243 CB111Disco
Specials, TheToo much too young100919807 INCHA 101.373Ska
U2Pride101019847 INCH12 IS 202Pop
A taste of honeyA taste of honeyA0011978A1C 064-85 512Disco
ABBAA Wie ABBAA0021981A2475 732Pop
ABBAGreatest hits vol. 2A0031979ASD 16009Pop
ABCThe lexicon of loveA0041983A6359 099New Wave
AC/DCLive from the old Waldord 1977A0052018ACL75488Rock
a-haHunting high and lowA0061985A925 300-1, WX30Synth pop
Al GreenGreatest hitsA0071975ASHL 32089Soul
Al StewartYear of the catA0081976ARS 1082Pop
Alan Parsons project, TheAmmonia AvenueA0091984A206 100Synth pop
Alan Parsons project, TheEveA0101979AAL 9504Synth pop
Alan Parsons project, TheEye in the skyA0111982AAL 9599, AL9599Synth pop
Alan Parsons project, TheGaudiA0121987A208 084Synth pop
Alan Parsons project, TheI RobotA0131977A1C 064-99 168, 1 C 064-99 168Synth pop
Alan Parsons project, ThePyramidA0141978ASPART 1054Synth pop
Alan Parsons project, TheStereotomyA0151985A207 463Synth pop
Alan Parsons project, TheTales of mystery and imaginationA0161976AMOV - 7003, MOV-7003, MOV-7.003Synth pop
Alan Parsons project, TheThe turn of a friendly cardA0171980AAL 9518Synth pop
Alan Parsons project, TheVulture cultureA0181985A208 884Synth pop
AmericaHistoryA0191975AK 56169, BS 2894Pop
Andre HazesHazesA0202015AMOVLP1504Folk
Andre HazesHazes 2A0212021AMOVLP2881Folk
Andy PrattShiver in the nightA0221977ANE 443Pop
ArmandBen ik te min en 13 andere successenA0231975A6440 500Folk
Art of Noise, TheWho's afraid of Art of NoiseA0242021AZTDS24, 3550428, ZTIS346Synth pop
Arvid NeroMother earthA0252018AFFHR008Pop
AsiaAlphaA0261983AGEF 25508Pop
Atlantic StarrAs the band turnsA0271985AAMA 5019Disco
Atlantic StarrBrillianceA0281982AAMLH 64883Disco
Average White BandCut the cakeA0291975AATL 50 146Disco
Average White BandFeel no FretA0301979AXL-13063Disco
Average White BandShineA0311980AXL 13123Disco
Average White BandVolume VIIIA0321980ASD 19266Disco
Average White BandWarmer communicationsA0331978AXL 13053Disco
Aztec CameraHigh land, hard rainA0341983AROUGH 47, VR 22511New Wave
Bachman-Turner OverdriveBest of B.T.O.B0011975B6338 703Pop
Barbra StreisandGuiltyB0021980BCBS 86122, 86122, FC 36750Pop
Barclay James HarvestThe best ofB0031980B054 CRY 06 276, 1M 054-06 276Pop
Barclay James HarvestTurn of the tideB0041981B2383 608Pop
Bar-KaysBanging the wallB0051985B824 727-1Disco
Barry White and Love UnlimitedLove songsB0061983BADEH 110Soul
Beach Boys, TheBests 40 greatest hitsB0071974B5C 152-85750/51Pop
Beatles, The1962-1966B0081973B1A 184-05307/08Pop
Beatles, The1967-1970B0091973B0602547048448Pop
Beatles, TheAbbey RoadB0102016BPCS 7088, 0094638246817Pop
Beatles, TheThe World's bestB0111968B77 235Pop
Bee GeesBest of Bee GeesB0121974B2675 088Pop
Bee GeesTimelessB0132018B00602567804574Pop
BenedictYou Can Tell Me Nothing That I ShouldB0142020BFFHR012Pop
Big CountryThe CrossingB0151983B812 870-1 M-1, 422-812 870-1 M-1New Wave
Big CountryThe SeerB0161986B422-826 844-1 M-1, 826 844-1 M-1New Wave
Bill Haley and his Comets20 golden hitsB0171977B66 430Rock 'n Roll
Billy IdolIdolize yourselfB0182017BB0026266-01Pop
Black SabbathParanoid in New JerseyB0192020BCL83520Rock
BlondieParallel linesB0201978BCDL 1192New Wave
BlondiePlastic LettersB0211978B511166, 51-1166New Wave
Blue Diamonds, TheWereldsuccessenB0221969BDRDS 2531Pop
Blue FeatherFeather FunkB0232022BMOVLP2831Disco
Bob DylanBefore the floodB0241974BAS 63 000Pop
Bob DylanBlood on the tracksB0251975B69097, CBS 69097, PC 33235Pop
Bob DylanDylanB0261973BS 69049, 69049Pop
Bob DylanEmpire BurlesqueB0271985BCBS 86313Pop
Bob DylanThe times they are A changin'B0281964BS 62251, CBS 62251, CS 8905Pop
Bob Marley & the Wailers20 greatest hitsB0291984BLOP 14.043Reggae
Bob Marley & the WailersBabylon by busB0302020B00602435082189Reggae
Bob Marley & the WailersGermany 1980B0312011BVp 80119Reggae
Bob Marley & the WailersUprisingB0321991B422-846 211-1Reggae
BombersBombers 2B0331979BSCO 003Disco
Boney MThe magic of Boney MB0342022B19439934431Disco
Bonnie CriedWe were loversB0352019BFFHR010Pop
Boudewijn de GrootHet beste vanB0361976B6641 605Folk
Boudewijn de GrootHoe sterk is de eenzame fietserB0371973B6376 005Folk
Brass ConstructionBrass ConstructionB0381976B27.088-I, 27088Disco
Brass ConstructionConquestB0391985BST-12423Disco
BreadThe best of BreadB0401972BELK 42 115Pop
BreadThe best of Bread volume twoB0411974BK 42161Pop
BreadThe sound of BreadB0421977BELK 52 062Pop
Bruce SpringsteenGreatest HitsB0432018BC2 67060Pop
Bryan Ferry & Roxy MusicStreet LifeB0441986B829 136-1Pop
CameoKnights of the sound tableC0011981C6480 041Funk
Canned HeatThe very best ofC0021975CUAS 29 831 ZPop
Captain SensibleWomen and captains firstC0031982CAMLH 68548Pop
CarboonWitse nog, koempel...C0041976CKSP 16919 KL, KILLROY 16919Folk
Carlos SantanaHavana MoonC0052015CMOVLP1401Rock
Carlos Santana & Buddy MilesCarlos Santana & Buddy Miles! Live!C0061972CKC 31308Rock
CarlsbergNo credits cardsC0071979C2374 801Pop
Cat StevensMona Bone JakonC0081974C88 165 XATPop
Cat StevensTea for the TillermanC0091970CSP 4280, SP-4280Pop
Cat StevensTeaser and the firecatC0101971CILPS 9154, ILPS9154Pop
Cats, TheTimes were whenC0111972C5C 180-24570/71Pop
CerroneCerrone IXC0121982C301-014, 301 014Disco
ChicBelieverC0141983CL 78-0107-1, 78 0107-1Disco
ChicC'est ChicC0151978CK 50565Disco
ChicRisqueC0161980CSD 16003Disco
ChicTongue in ChicC0171982C78. 0031-1, 78.0031-1Disco
Chicago17C0181984C9 25060-1, 1-25060Pop
Clash, TheThe story ofC0191988CCBS 460244 1Punk
Cliff RichardNow you see me, now you don'tC0201982C1A 064-07652Pop
ColdplayA rush of blood to the headC0212002C7243 5 40504 1 1, 540 5041Pop
ColdplayEveryday lifeC0222019C0190295355487Pop
ColdplayGhost storiesC0232014C825646298815Pop
ColdplayMylo XylotoC0242011C087 5531, 5099908755315Pop
ColdplayParachutesC0252000C7243 5 27783 1 7, 527 7831Pop
ColdplayViva la vida or death and all his friendsC0262008C50999 212114 1 6, 2121141Pop
CommodoresGreatest hitsC0271978CIM-46.002Pop
CommodoresLiveC0281977CM9-894A2, M9 894Pop
CommodoresMidnight MagicC0291979C5C 062-63064, 1A 062-63064Pop
CommodoresThe very best ofC0301985CSTAR 2249Pop
CreamBest of CreamC0312014C535 113-8Pop
CreamSuperstarshine vol. 6C0321972C2384 041Pop
Creedence Clearwater RevivalThe complete hit-albumC0331987C01279022, 01 2790.22Pop
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungDeja VuC0341970C50 001, SD 7200Pop
Cry The, ft. John WattsQuick Quick SlowC0351984C206 178Pop
Crying Boys CafeCafeC0362016CFFHR002Pop
Cure, TheDisentegrationC0372018C532 456-3, 060075324563 (7)New Wave
Cure, TheGreatest hitsC0382017C571 543-4, 0060255715434 ( 4 )New Wave
Cure, TheLondon LullabyC0392021CCL84190New Wave
Cure, TheSeventeen secondsC0402016C0602547875372New Wave
Cure, TheThe head on the doorC0412008C0042282723116New Wave
Curtis HairstonCurtis HairstonC0421986C781 693-1Disco
Dan FogelbergNether LandsD0011977DEPC 81574Pop
Dan FogelbergPhoenixD0021979DEPC 83317Pop
Dan Fogelberg & Tim WeisbergTwin sons of different mothersD0031978DEPC 82774Pop
David BowieHunky DoryD0041979DNL-13844Pop
David BowieLegacyD0052017DDBLP64161Pop
David BowieThe rise and fall of Ziffy Stardust and the spiders froom MarsD0062016DDB69734, DB 69734, 0825646287376, DBXL1Pop
David GilmourAbout a faceD0071984DSHSP 24-0079-1, SHSP 24-0079-1(I), SHSP 2400791Prog rock
David GilmourDavid GilmourD0081978DJC 35388Prog rock
David GilmourLive at PompeiD0092008D88985464971Prog rock
David GilmourLive in GdanskD0102017D50999 2 35484 1 1Prog rock
David GilmourOn an islandD0112015D0946 3 55695 1 3Prog rock
David GilmourRattle that lockD0122015D88875123291Prog rock
David GilmourThe complete sessionsD0132020DDAN003Prog rock
De Dijk40 JaarD0141975DMOVLP2989Folk
Deep Purple24 Carat PurpleD0151984D5 C054-96424, 5C 052-96424Rock
Deep PurplePerfect StrangersD0161973D823 777-1Rock
Demis RoussosGreatest hitsD0172017D6499 724Pop
Depeche ModeThe Best of vol. 1D0181982Dmutel15, 88985451301Synth pop
Dexys Midnight Runners ft. Kevin RowlandToo-Rye-AyD0191980D6359 097Pop
Diana RossDianaD0202022D1A 062-63765Disco
DillingerCB 200D0211976DILPS 9385Reggae
Dire StraitsBrothers in armsD0221984DVERH 25Pop
Dire StraitsCommuniqueD0231985D6360 170Pop
Dire StraitsDire StraitsD0241979D6360 162Pop
Dire StraitsDire Straits LiveD0251978D818 243-1QPop
Dire StraitsMaking moviesD0261980D6359 034Pop
Dire Straits & Mark KnopflerPrivateD0272019D987576-7, 987405-2, 987576-6Pop
Dizzy Man's BandGolden greats ofD0281979D5N 028-26152Pop
Doe Maar4USD0291983D24000 SL, SKY 24000 SLFolk
Doe MaarDoris Day en andere stukkenD0301982DKIL 21032 KLFolk
Doe MaarSkunkD0311981DKIL 19934 KLFolk
Donald FagenNightflyD0321982D9 23696-1, 1-23696Pop
Donna SummerGreatest Hits I & IID0331979D6641 990Disco
Donna SummerThe ultimate collectionD0342016DDBTMTVLP01Disco
Doobie Brothers, TheBest of the DoobiesD0351976DWB 56 308Pop
Doobie Brothers, TheOne step closerD0361980DHS 3452Pop
DoorsL.A. WomanD0371971DELK-42090Pop
Dr. Buzzard's original Savannah bandDr. Buzzard's Original Savannah BandD0381976DRS 1072, APL1-1504Disco
Dr. HookLive in the U.K.D0391981DEST 26706, 0C 062-86 254Pop
D-TrainYou're the one for meD0401982DRAMSH 5027Disco
Dusty SpringfieldDusty SpringfieldD0411984D818 254-1Pop
DynastyRight back at cha!D0421982D60176Disco
EaglesHell freezes overE0012019E00602577189852Pop
EaglesHotel CaliforniaE0021976EK 53051, K53051, 6E103, 6E-103Pop
EaglesOne of these nightsE0031975EK 53014 , 7E 1039Pop
Earth & FireGreatest hitsE0041980E2475 206Pop
Earth, Wind & FireAll 'n allE0051977ECBS 82238, 82238Soul
Earth, Wind & FireDance TraxE0061988ECBS 463061 1Soul
Earth, Wind & FireEarth, Wind & FireE0071982ESSPV 3078Soul
Earth, Wind & FireElectric UniverseE0081983ECBS 25775Soul
Earth, Wind & FireFacesE0091980ECBS 88498Soul
Earth, Wind & FireGratitudeE0101975ECBS 88160, 88160, PG 33694Soul
Earth, Wind & FireHead to the skyE0111973ES 65604, KC 32194Soul
Earth, Wind & FireHeritageE0121990E466242 1Soul
Earth, wind & fireI amE0131979ECBS 86084, S CBS 86084, JC 35730, 86084Soul
Earth, wind & fireIlluminationE0142020EBMGCAT413DLPSoul
Earth, Wind & FireLast days and timeE0151972ES 65208Soul
Earth, Wind & FireMoments of truthE0161971ESSP 3078, U/80059Soul
Earth, Wind & FireOpen your eyesE0171974ECBS S 65844, S 65844Soul
Earth, Wind & FirePowerlightE0181983ECBS 25120, 25120, TC 38367Soul
Earth, Wind & FireRaiseE0191981ECBS 85272Soul
Earth, Wind & FireSpiritE0201976ECBS 81451Soul
Earth, Wind & FireThat's the way of the worldE0211975ECBS 80575, S 80575, PC 33280Soul
Earth, Wind & FireThe best of Earth, Wind & Fire vol. 1E0222017E88985432341Soul
Earth, Wind & FireThe collectionE0231986ENE 1322Soul
Earth, Wind & FireTheir ultimate collectionE0242021E19439951261Soul
Earth, Wind & FireTouch the worldE0251987ECBS 460409 1Soul
Echo & the BunnymenGreatest hitslive in LondonE0262017ESECLP172New Wave
Echo & the BunnymenHeaven up hereE0271981EKOW 58 320, KODE 3, Kode 3New Wave
Echo & the BunnymenOcean RainE0281984EKODE 8, KODE.8, 240 388-1New Wave
Echo & the BunnymenPorcupineE0291983EKODE 6, 240027-1New Wave
Echo & The BunnymenSongs To Learn & SingE0302022EKODE 13, 0190295156725New Wave
Echo & The BunnymenThe stars, the ocean & the moonE0312018E538355200New Wave
EditorsIn dreamE0322015EPIASR830LPPop
EkseptionEkseptionE0331969E873 003 UBYSynth pop
EkseptionWith love fromE0341975E6677 025Synth pop
El VyReturn to the moonE0352015ECAD 3530Indie pop
Electric Light OrchestraA new recordE0361976E5C 062-98423, 5C 062.98423Pop
Electric Light OrchestraAll over the worldE0372016E88985312351Pop
Electric Light OrchestraDiscoveryE0381979E318865Pop
Electric Light OrchestraEldoradoE0391974EK56090, WS 4558Pop
Electric Light OrchestraFace the musicE0401975EJET LP 11, 2310 414, JETLP 11Pop
Electric Light OrchestraOle ELOE0411978EJET LP 903Pop
Electric Light OrchestraOn the third dayE0421973EUAG 30091Pop
Electric Light OrchestraOut of the blueE0431977E5C 154-60170/71Pop
Electric Light OrchestraSecret MessageE0441983EJETLX 527Pop
Electric Light OrchestraTimeE0451981EJET LP 236, JETLP 236, Jet lp 236Pop
Elton JohnGreatest hitsE0461974EL 35291Pop
Elvis CostelloMy aim is trueE0471977EPC 35037, 35037New Wave
Elvis PresleyELV1S 30#1 hitsE0482018E19075883481Rock 'n Roll
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLove beachE0491978E200 249, 200 249-320, 96 458Pop
Emerson, Lake & PalmerTarkusE0501971EILPS 9155, 85 525 XTPop
Ennio MorriconeDe Sergio Leone A Quentin TaratinoE0512020E539 170-5Pop
Everly Brothers, TheGreatest hitsE0521970ES 66255Pop
Fat Larry's BandBreakin' outF0011982F540025Disco
FerrariSing with meF0021976FNR 134Pop
First ArschSaddle UpF0032020FnoneMetal
Fischer-ZFish's headF0041989F209 772New Wave
Fischer-ZGoing deaf for a livingF0051980F1C 064-82 867New Wave
Fischer-ZGoing Red for a SaladF0061990F038 7941321, 038-79 41321New Wave
Fischer-ZRed Skies Over ParadiseF0071981F1A 062-83100New Wave
Fischer-ZRevealF0081987F208 620New Wave
Fischer-ZRevealF0091987FVPL1 7626New Wave
Fischer-ZS.I.T. AnnexeF0102019FJWFZ15V, noneNew Wave
Fischer-ZSwimming in thunderstormsF0112022FJWFZ13VNew Wave
Fischer-ZTil the oceans overflowF0122020FJWFZ17VINYLNew Wave
Fisher-ZWord saladF0131979F1C 064-82 635New Wave
Fleetwood MacFrom the forum 1982F0142021FCL84213Pop
Fleetwood MacGreatest hitsF0152014F8122795935Pop
Fleetwood MacRumoursF0161977FBSK 3010Pop
Flogging MollyWithin a mile of homeF0172015FSD1326-1Punk
FocusHamburger concertoF0181974F2460 228Synth pop
FoxyGet offF0191978FTKR 82544, DASH 30005Disco
Frankie Goes To HollywoodWelcome to the pleasuredomeF0201984F302 419-977Pop
FrantiqueFrantiqueF0211979FJZ 36026Disco
Gap Band, TheThe Gap Band IIG0011979G9111 062Disco
GenesisDukeG0021980G9124 053Pop
Gerry RaffertySnakes and LaddersG0031980G1C 064-82 883, 1 C 064-82 883Pop
Gino SoccioFace to faceG0041982GATL 50 891, ATL K 50 891Disco
Gino SoccioOutlineG0051979GCEL 2013Disco
Gladys Knight & The PipsAbout loveG0061980GCBS 84178Soul
Gladys Knight & The PipsThe best of Gladys Knight & PipsG0071983GCN 0331Soul
Gloria GaynorI have the rightG0081979G2391-426, PD-1-6231, 2391 426Disco
Golden EarringSwitchG0101975G2344 046Pop
Golden EarringThe best of Golden EarringG0111976G2459 312Pop
Grand FunkGrand Funk HitsG0121976GST-11579Pop
Green DayGreatest hits: God's favorite bandG0132017G564901-1Pop
Gruppo Sportivo10 mistakesG0141977G25464 XOT, 25464XOTNew Wave
Gruppo SportivoBack to 78G0151978G26.472 OT, 26 472 XOTNew Wave
Guns N' RosesDeer Creek 1991G0162021GCL84787Rock
Gwen McCraeOn my wayG0171982G80019-1Disco
HaevnEyes closedH0012018H5054197973772Pop
HaevnHoly groundH0022022HnonePop
HaevnSymphonic TalesH0032019H5054197062049Pop
Halo Trees, TheAntennas to the skyH0042019HFFHR011Pop
HeartLive in Las Vegas 1995H0052021HCL84619Rock
HeartMagazineH0061977HSPARTY 1024Rock
HeatwaveCandlesH0071980HGTLP 047Disco
HeatwaveCurrentH0081982HEPC 85812Disco
HeatwavePower cutsH0091982HEPC 25199Disco
Het Goede DoelHet beste van. Live in HMHH0102018HCL74047Folk
High FashionFeelin' LuckyH0112012HST-12214Disco
Hoff EnsembleQuiet Winter NightH0121977H2L-087-LPClassic
Hollies, TheThe story ofH0131987H2664 177Pop
Hot Chocolate2001H0141988H1C 064-74 8056 1, 74 805 61Disco
Hothouse FlowersPeopleH0151979HLON LP 58, LONLP 58, 8281011, 828 101-1Pop
HousebandHot enuffH0161984HPL-44010Pop
Howard JonesHuman's LibH0171984H240335-1, WX1Synth pop
Howard JonesThe 12" albumH0181986H240 543-1, WX14Synth pop
Huey Lewis and the newsFore!H0191985H207 897, 207 897-8Pop
Human League, TheHysteriaH0201982H206 307, 97498New Wave
IcehousePrimitive manI0011973I204 980, 204 980-320Pop
Ike & Tina TurnerNutbush City LimitsI0021983IUAS-29557 , UAS 29 557 IPop
ImaginationScandalousI0031985I205 877, 205 877-320Disco
ImaginationThe best ofI0042017IADEH 187, 08-023423-20Disco
Iron MaidenNo prayer for the dyingI0052021I0190295852351Heavy metal
Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh SonI0061986IEMD 1006, 2564624849Heavy metal
Iron MaidenSomewhere in timeI0072022I64 2405971Heavy metal
Iron MaidenThe number of the beastI0081984I2564625240Heavy metal
Isley Brothers, TheIsley's Greatest Hits Vol. 1I0091974IEPC 32443Soul
JackpotEverybody happy with JackpotJ0011978J15-25477-1Pop
Jacksons, TheDestinyJ0021980JEPC 32365, 32365, EPC 83200, JE 35552Disco
Jacksons, TheTriumphJ0031985JFE 36424Disco
James Brown16 greatest hitsJ0041986J823 352-1Soul
James BrownDead on the heavy funk '74-'76J0051981J827 439-1 YSoul
James TaylorDad loves his workJ0061971JCBS 86131Pop
James TaylorMud Slide SlimJ0071975JBS 2561Pop
James TaylorThis is James TaylorJ0081980J201 080Pop
Janis IanMy favouritesJ0092021JCBS 84188, 84188Pop
Jean Michel JarreAmazoniaJ0101978J19439845051Synth pop
Jean Michel JarreEquinoxeJ0111976J2344 120Synth pop
Jean Michel JarreOxygeneJ0121982J2933 207Synth pop
Jean Michel JarreThe concerts in ChinaJ0131984J2612 039, 2612-039, 2335 260, 2335 261, noneSynth pop
Jean Michel JarreZoolookJ0141978JFDM 18118Synth pop
Jeff WayneThe war of the worldsJ0152021JPC2 35290, PC 2 35290, C 35291, C 35292, 35290Synth pop
Jimmy DiamondCommon Sense // CommotionJ0161980JFFHR016Pop
JJ CaleTroubadourJ0172015JSHL/18012, SHL 18012Pop
Joe CockerGreatest hitsJ0182019J8718469538324Pop
Joe JacksonLive at whiskey a go-go HollywoodJ0191979JRLL017New Wave
Joe JacksonLook sharp!J0201982JSP 4743, SP-4743New Wave
Joe JacksonNight and DayJ0212019J2221381, AMLH 64906New Wave
John DenverHis ultimate collectionJ0221982J19075924571Pop
John WattsOne more twistJ0231983J1A 064-07609New Wave
John WattsThe Iceberg ModelJ0241981J10C 066-007.699New Wave
Johnny CashA free manJ0251981J85 032, CBS 85 032Country
Johnny Guitar WatsonThe very best of Johnny Guitar WatsonJ0261981J495.051Funk
Jon & VangelisThe friends of Mr. CairoJ0272020J2383 609Synth pop
Jon NormanThe BasementJ0281981JFFHR014Pop
JourneyEscapeJ0291979JTC 37408Pop
JourneyEvolutionJ0302022JCBS 83566Pop
JourneyFreedomJ0311983JFR LP 1237Pop
JourneyFrontiersJ0322011JCBS 25261Pop
JourneyGreatest hits 2J0331978JMOVLP425Pop
JourneyInfinityJ0341976J82244, S CBS 82244Pop
JourneyLook into the futureJ0351977J69203, CBS 69203Pop
JourneyNextJ0361986JPC 34311, 34311Pop
JourneyRaised on radioJ0372009JCBS 26902Pop
Joy DivisionCloserJ0382019JFACT∙XXV, FACT. 25, JDC 02New Wave
Joy DivisionUnknown pleasuresJ0392018JFACT 10 40New Wave
Julio IglesiasHis ultimate collectionJ0401983J19075873741Pop
KashifKashifK0011985KAL 9620-PDisco
Kate BushHounds of loveK0021978KKAB1, EJ 24 0384 1, EJ2403841Pop
Kate BushLionheartK0031980K1A 038 1575471, 5C 062-06859Pop
Kate BushNever for everK0041978K1A 062-07339Pop
Kate BushThe kick insideK0051978KEMC 3223, 0C 062 06 603Pop
KayakPhantom of the nightK0062019K6413 507Pop
KC & the Sunshine BandMiami DiscoK0071982K3553Disco
Kid Creole & the CoconutsTropical GangstersK0082020K204 669, 204 669-320Pop
Kinks, TheTransmissions 1964-1968K0091979KCL81007Pop
KissDynastyK0101985KCB. 71049Pop
KleeerSeeekretK0111982K781 254-1Disco
KleeerTaste the musicK0121979KK 50 873Disco
KleeerWinnersK0131982KSD 19262Disco
Kool & the gangAs OneK0141980K540036Disco
Kool & the gangCelebrate!K0152009K574013Disco
KraftwerkAutobahnK0161980K5099996601419, STUMM 303Synth pop
Kurtis BlowKurtis BlowK0171980K6337 137Disco
L.T.D.Shine OnL0012014LAMLH 64819Disco
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IL0022014L8122796641, 8122-79664-1Rock
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IIL0032014L8122796640Rock
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IIIL0042014L8122796576, R1 535341Rock
Led ZeppelinLed Zeppeling IVL0051969LR1-535340Rock
Leonard CohenSongs from a roomL0061981LS 63587Pop
Level 42Level 42L0071988L2383 612Pop
Level 42Staring at the sunL0081984L837 247-1, POLH 50Pop
Level 42True ColoursL0091985LPOLH 10, 823 542-1Pop
Level 42World MachineL0101983L827 487-1Pop
LimeLime IIL0111982L2311 152Disco
LimeLime IIIL0121985L813 066-1Disco
LimeUnexpected loversL0132019L825 994-1Disco
LindemannF & ML0142021L00602508110634Metal
LindemannLive in MoscowL0151981L00602435113708, 00602435158617Metal
Little River bandTime exposureL0162016L1C 064-400 042Pop
Lou RawlsThe collectionL0191975L01 4250 21, LP 14250.21Soul
LuciferAs we areL0201980L5C 064-25293, 5C064-25293Pop
MadnessAbsolutelyM0011982MSEEZ 29 NPNew Wave
MadnessComplete MadnessM0021974MHIT-TV1New Wave
Mama's & the papa's, TheThe best of the mama's & the papa'sM0031977MSPR 90025Pop
Manfred Mann's Earth BandThe roaring silenceM0041980M28 789 XOTPop
Manhattans, TheThe best of the ManhattansM0052022MEMB 31806Soul
MarillionAn hour before it's darkM0061986M0217171EMUProg rock
MarillionBrief encounterM0071984MMLP-15023Prog rock
MarillionFugaziM0082017MEMC 29 00851Prog rock
MarillionMisplaced ChildhoodM0091984M0190295825515Prog rock
MarillionReal to reelM0102017M1C 038-26 0303 1, 1C 038 26 0303 1, 038 26 0303 1Prog rock
Marvin GayeCollectedM0112020MMOVLP1818Soul
Matt BerningerSerpentine PrisonM0122018MCRE01278, CRE01278Indie pop
Me in you, TheStuart Conroy: 1974-1978M0131977MFFHR007Pop
Meat LoafBad out of hellM0141983MPE 34974, 34974Pop
Melba MooreThe other side of the rainbowM0151983MST-12243Disco
Men at workCargoM0161982MCBS 25372, 25372New Wave
MezzoforteSurprise, surpriseM0172016M811 724-1Synth pop
Michael JacksonBadM0182009M88875143741Disco
Michael JacksonOff the wallM0191982MMOVLP015Disco
Michael JacksonThrillerM0202016MEPC 85930, 85930, QE 38112Disco
Michael KiwanukaLove & hateM0211983M4783458Soul
Michael SembelloBossa Nova HotelM0222021M92 3920-1Pop
Mick Fleetwood & friendsThe early years of Fleetwood MacM0231973MBMGCAT454QLPPop
Middle of the roadIt's the middle of the roadM0241976MCDS 1131Pop
Mike OldfieldOmmadawnM0251982M27 493 XOTSynth pop
Mike OldfieldPlatinumM0261973M201 206, 201 206-320Synth pop
Mike OldfieldTubular bellsM0272017M87541 ITSynth pop
MogwaiEvery country's sunM0282019MROCKACT108LPSynth pop
MogwaiTen rapidM0291978Mrockact05lpxSynth pop
Moody Blues, TheThe great Moody BluesM0301974MDA 159/160Pop
Moody Blues, TheThis is the Moody BluesM0311989MMB 1/2Pop
Mother's FinestMother's Finest LiveM0321974MEPC 463089 1Rock
MudMud rockM0332020M5C 062-95739, 5 C 062-95739Pop
Muddy WatersMannish BoyM0341979MCL80918Blues
Narada Michael WaldenThe dance of lifeN0012005NATL 50 678, SD 19259Disco
National, TheAlligatorN0022007NBBQLP 241Indie pop
National, TheBoxerN0032018NBBQLP 252Indie pop
National, TheBoxer(live in Brussels)N0042016N4AD0077LPEIndie pop
National, TheCherry TreeN0052018NHWY-008Indie pop
National, TheCherry Tree vol. 1N0062020NNTLCT-001Indie pop
National, TheCherry Tree vol. 2N0072021NNTLCT-002Indie pop
National, TheCherry Tree vol. 3N0082023NnoneIndie pop
National, TheCherry Tree vol. 4N0092023NnoneIndie pop
National, theFirst two pages of FrankensteinN0102020N4AD0566LPEIndie pop
National, TheHigh Violet(10th anniversary)N0112019N4AD0244LPXIndie pop
National, TheI am easy to findN0122010N4AD0154LPIndie pop
National, TheSad songs for dirty loversN0132017NHWY-003Indie pop
National, TheSleep well beastN0142010N4AD0020LPEIndie pop
National, TheThe NationalN0152013NHWY-001Indie pop
National, TheThe Virginia EPN0162021NBBQLP 260Indie pop
National, TheTrouble will find meN0171980NCAD3315Indie pop
Neil DiamondForeverN0181974N203.200Pop
Neil DiamondHis 12 greatest hitsN0191971NMCF 2550, 0C 062 ◦ 95373, MAPS 7400Pop
Neil YoungAfter the goldrushN0201972NK 44088Pop
Neil YoungHarvestN0211984NREP 44 131, REP 44131Pop
Nena? (Fragenzeichen)N0222018NCBS 25 870, 25 870Pop
New Order / Joy DivisionTotalN0232015N0190295663841New Wave
Nick Cave and the bad seedsLet love inN0242013NLPSEEDS8Indie rock
Nick Cave and the bad seedsLive from KCRWN0252015NBS006VIndie rock
Nick Cave and the bad seedsThe boatman's CallN0262018NLPSEEDS10, Lpseeds10Indie rock
NightwishEnd of an eraN0272018N27361 45971, NB4597-1Symp rock
Nile Rodgers & ChicIt's about timeN0281978NV 3210, 00602567793519Disco
Nina Hagen BandNina Hagen BandN0292015NCBS 83136, CBS 83 136New Wave
NirvanaNevermindN0301989N424 425-1Rock
Nits, TheUrkN0311983N465843 1Pop
Nona HendryxNonaN0321981NPL 84565Disco
O' Jays, TheGreatest HitsO0011982OPIR 32441Soul
OdysseyI got the melodyO0021976ORCALP 5028, PL 13910Disco
OdysseyThe magic touch of OdysseyO0031984OSTAR 2223Disco
Ohio PlayersOhio Players GoldO0041981OSRM-1-1122Disco
OMDSouvenirO0051984O7743914, 00602577439148New Wave
One wayFancy dancerO0061985O204 174-320, 204.174Soul
One wayLadyO0072017O250 792-1Soul
One wayWrap your bodyO0082019O252 170-1Soul
One week wonderMarsO0091982OFFHR005Pop
ParagonLooking for youP0011980P283092Pop
PartnerThe Sky Is The LimitP0021980P6423 400Pop
Patti LaBelleReleasedP0031975PJE 36381Disco
Patti SmithHorsesP0041986PAL 4066, 4066Rock
Paul SimonGracelandP0051978P92 54471Pop
Peaches & Herb2 HotP0062009PPD-1-6172Disco
Pearl jamTenP0071983P88697413021Rock
Pedro PereiraLatin American MusicP0081977P15.014Latin
Peter GabrielPeter GabrielP0091978P6369 978Pop
Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel IIP0101986PSD 19181, R-143305Pop
Peter GabrielSoP0111981PSLPXL 37140Pop
Phil CollinsFace ValueP0122018PWEA 99 143Pop
Phil CollinsThe singlesP0131981P0603497860272Pop
Pink FloydA collection of great dance songsP0142018P1C 064-07 575Prog rock
Pink FloydA foot in the doorP0151987PPFRLP21Prog rock
Pink FloydA momentary lapse of reasonP0162021PEMD 1003Prog rock
Pink FloydA momentary lapse of reason remixed & updatedP0172016PPFRLP37, 19439844871Prog rock
Pink FloydA saucerful of secretsP0181977PPFRLP2, 0825646493180Prog rock
Pink FloydAnimalsP0192022P068-098434Prog rock
Pink FloydAnimals (remix 2018)P0202016PPFRLP28, 0190295600532Prog rock
Pink FloydAtom Heart MotherP0211988PPFRLP5, 0190295997083Prog rock
Pink FloydDelicate sound of thunder 1988P0222020PEQ 5009, 7914801Prog rock
Pink FloydDelicate sound of thunder 2020P0232021P PFRLP36, 0190295215965Prog rock
Pink FloydLive at KnebworthP0241971PPFRLP34, 0190295258504Prog rock
Pink FloydMeddleP0252016PSHVL 795, IE 064-04917Prog rock
Pink FloydObscured by cloudsP0261972P1C 062-05 054Prog rock
Pink FloydPulseP0272018PPFRLP17Prog rock
Pink FloydRelicsP0281971PSRS 5071, IE 048 o 04775Prog rock
Pink FloydSoundtrack from the film MoreP0291973PPFRLP3, 0825646493173Prog rock
Pink FloydThe dark side of the moonP0302016PSHVL 804Prog rock
Pink FloydThe dark side of the moon(Live Wembley 1974)P0312016PPFR50LP2, 19658713461Prog rock
Pink FloydThe dark side of the moonP0322023PPFRLP8, 5099902987613Prog rock
Pink FloydThe division bellP0332019PPFRLP14, 88875184311Prog rock
Pink FloydThe division bell 25th anniversaryP0342014PPFRLP14, 88875184311, PFRLP31, 19075952871Prog rock
Pink FloydThe endless riverP0351983P825646215478Prog rock
Pink FloydThe Final CutP0362019P1C 064-65042Prog rock
Pink FloydThe later years 1987-2019P0371967PPFRLY19LP, 0190295378288Prog rock
Pink FloydThe piper at the gates of dawnP0381979P038 1575001, 1A 038-1575001, 1A 038 1575001Prog rock
Pink FloydThe WallP0391979PSHDW 411Prog rock
Pink FloydThe Wall 180grP0401969P1A 158-63410, 1A 158-63411Prog rock
Pink FloydUmmagummaP0412021PSTBB-388Prog rock
Pink FloydVeniceP0421977PSMP 2255Prog rock
Pink FloydWish you were hereP0431979P5C 062-96918Prog rock
Players Association, TheTurn the music up!P0442015PVSD • 79421, VSD 79421Disco
Pogues, ThePeace and LoveP0452018P2564625587Folk
Pogues, TheThe best of The PoguesP0461981P0190295672560Folk
Police, TheGhost in the machineP0472009PAMLK 63730Pop
Police, TheOutlandos D'AmourP0481979P0082839475310Pop
Police, TheReggata de BlancP0491980PAMLH 64792Pop
Police, TheZenyatta MondattaP0501980PAMLH 64831Pop
Pretenders, ThePretendersP0511981PSRK 6083New Wave
Pretenders, ThePretenders IIP0521978PSRK 3572New Wave
PromisesPromisesP0531985P5N 062-77 026Pop
PropagandaA secret wishP0541976P207 027, 207 027-620New Wave
QueenA day at the racesQ0011981Q6E-101Pop
QueenGreatest hitsQ0021991QSLPE 500 943, EMTV 30Pop
QueenGreatest hits IIQ0031986QPMTV 2, 168 7 97971 1Pop
QueenLive magicQ0042017Q24 0675 1, 062-24 0675 1, 1A 062-24 0675 1Pop
RammsteinHerzeleidR0012020R2729663Industrial metal
RammsteinHerzeleid XXV anniversaryR0022009R00602507485139Industrial metal
RammsteinLiebe ist fur alle daR0032001R2721463, 06025 2721347 7, 06025 2721348 4Industrial metal
RammsteinMutterR0042017R549 639-1Industrial metal
RammsteinParisR0052019R5743083DEIndustrial metal
RammsteinUntitledR0062021R0602577493942Industrial metal
RammsteinRaritatenR0072016R4740938Industrial metal
RammsteinReise, reiseR0082017R2729672Industrial metal
RammsteinRosenrotR0092017R2729675Industrial metal
RammsteinSehnsuchtR0102017R2729666Industrial metal
RammsteinVater RemixR0112022R547 534-2Industrial metal
RammsteinZeitR0122016R0602445445738Industrial metal
RamonesLive at the Roxy 1976R0131985RR1 555357, 081227945169Punk
Randy CrawfordThe very best ofR0141985RKTLP 202-1Soul
Ray CharlesHit the road JackR0152003R24003Soul
Red Hot Chili PeppersGreatest hitsR0161970R9362 48545-1Rock
RedbonePotlatchR0172015RBN 26283Pop
RevereMan of atomR0181978RFFHR001Pop
Richard WrightWet DreamR0191983R1C 064-61 612Prog rock
Ritchie FamilyAll night all rightR0201977RAFL1-4601Disco
Ritchie Family, TheLife is MusicR0211980RDBR 81851Disco
Rob de NijsMet je ogen dichtR0221986R1A 062-26450Folk
Robert CrayStrong PersuaderR0231980R830 568-1Blues
Robert PalmerCluesR0241992R202.592Pop
Roger WatersAmused to deathR0252017R468761 0Prog rock
Roger WatersIs this the life we really want?R0262022R88985 43649 1, 88985436491, C-192609Prog rock
Roger WatersKAOS FM 1987R0271984RCL86194Prog rock
Roger WatersThe lockdown sessionsR0282015R19658788891Prog rock
Roger WatersThe Pros And Cons Of Hitch HikingR0292020RSBP 238003Prog rock
Roger WatersThe Wall tourR0301974R88875155411Prog rock
Roger WatersUs + ThemR0311976R19439707691Prog rock
Roger WhittakerThe very best ofR0321980RSCX 6560, 0C 062 ◦ 95189, OC 062 ◦ 95189Pop
Rolling Stones, TheBlack and blueR0331973RCOC 59106Pop
Rolling Stones, TheEmotional RescueR0342019R1C 064-63 774Pop
Rolling Stones, TheGoats head soupR0352003RCOC 59 101Pop
Rolling Stones, TheHackney DiamondsR0362023RRock
Rolling Stones, TheHonkR0371978RB0029807-01Pop
Rolling Stones, TheLet it bleedR0382020R882 332-1Pop
Rolling Stones, TheSome GirlsR0391981R5C 062-61016, 5 C062-61016Pop
Rolling Stones, TheSteel Wheels LiveR0401980R0874195Pop
Rolling Stones, TheTattoo YouR0411980R1C 064-64 533Pop
Rose RoyceGolden touchR0421979RWB 56 881, WHK 3512Disco
Rose RoyceGreatest hitsR0431979RWB 56815, WS 5038, WB 56 815, RRTV 1Disco
Rose RoyceRainbow connection IVR0441982R36.127Disco
Rose RoyceStrikes again (III)R0452021R56527Disco
Rose RoyceStronger than everR0461986REPC 85634, 85634Disco
Rowwen HezeOnderaan beginneR0471980RMR21003Folk
Roxy MusicAvalonR0481983R207 953, 207 953-620Pop
Roxy MusicFlesh + BloodR0491986R2302 099Pop
Roxy MusicThe Atlantic years 1973-1980R0502020R815 849-1Pop
Roy OrbinsonAll time greatest hitsR0511981RSL 805Pop
Royal GreenRoyal GreenR0521978RRG001Indie pop
RufusParty 'Til You're Broke'R0531970R203.437, 203 437Disco
Santana25 hitsS0011976SCBS 88285, 88285Rock
SantanaAbraxasS0021977SS 64087Rock
SantanaAmigosS0031986SS 86005Rock
SantanaMoonflowerS0042016SCBS 88272, 88272, S CBS 88272Rock
SantanaThe very best ofS0051985SADEH 228Rock
ScorpionsWorld Wide LiveS0071980S1C 164 24 0343 3, 164 24 0343 3Rock
Seekers, TheSeekers seen in greenS0081982SC 048-50 728, 1C 048-50 728Pop
Shadows, TheRock on with the ShadowsS0091986S1A022-58055, 1A 022-58055Pop
ShalamarGreatest hitsS0101979SFL 14262Disco
ShalamarThe greatest hitsS0112020SSMR 8615, SMR 8615 RMDisco
Shirts, TheStreet Light ShineS0121970S1A 062-07111New Wave
Simon & GarfunkelBack in the Big AppleS0131972SCL 83797Pop
Simon & GarfunkelBridge Over Troubled WaterS0142019SS 63699Pop
Simon & GarfunkelSimon & Garfunkel greatest hitsS0152014SKC 31350Pop
Simple Minds40: The best of 1979-2019S0162022S00602577998881New Wave
Simple MindsBig MusicS0172019SSMBM05, 5060414960029New Wave
Simple MindsDirections of the heartS0181982S538826451, 4050538826456New Wave
Simple MindsGraffitiS0191981SDEMREC353New Wave
Simple MindsNew gold dreamS0201979SV 2230New Wave
Sister SledgeAll American GirlsS0211980SCOT 50 774 (SD16 027)Disco
Sister SledgeWe are familyS0221977SCOT 50 587, SD 5209Disco
SkyySkywayS0231988SSA 8532Disco
SladeThe story of SladeS0241986S2689 001Rock
Smiths, TheRankS0251977SROUGH 126New Wave
Smiths, TheThe Queen is deadS0261984SROUGH 96New Wave
SpaceMagic FlyS0271974SNSPL 28232Disco
Spandau BalletParadeS0281976S206 378Pop
SparksPropagandaS0291984S88 379 ITSynth pop
Spencer Davis Group, TheGimme some lovin'S0301987S85 897 ZTPop
Split EnzConflicting EmotionsS0312021SAMLX 64963New Wave
Split EnzHistory Never RepeatsS0321981SSP-3289New Wave
St. SolaireYou=meS0331978SFFHR015Pop
StargardBack 2 backS0341979SBSK 3456Disco
StargardThe changing of the gardS0361980SWB 56 746Disco
StarpointIt's all yoursS0371973S960 353-1Disco
Status Quo12 gold barsS0382008S6360 179Rock
Status QuoGolden hour ofS0392018SGH 556, GH556Rock
Steely DanAjaS0401973S0076732168813Pop
Steely DanBest of green flower streetS0411978SCL75655Pop
Steely DanCountdown to ecstasyS0421982S5C 062-94 640, 5C 062-94640Pop
Steely DanGreatest hits 1972-1978S0431980SMCA2-6008, MCA 2-6008Pop
Steve Miller band, TheAbracadabraS0441982S6302 204Pop
Steve WinwoodArc of a diverS0451967S203 207, 203 207-320Pop
Steve WinwoodTalking back to the nightS0461980S204 771Pop
Steve Winwood and The Spencer Davis GroupThe best ofS0471973S858 028 FPYPop
Stevie WonderHotter than JulyS0481976S1A 062-64121Disco
Stevie WonderInnervisionsS0492017S5C 056-94665Disco
Stevie WonderSongs in the key of lifeS0502022ST13-340C2Disco
StillwaveSell another soulS0511977SFFHR006Prog pop
Subterranean Street SocietySaudadeS0521979SFFHR018Pop
SupermaxDon't stop the musicS0531980SATL 50 325Disco
SupermaxFly with meS0541977SELK 52 128Disco
SupermaxTypes of skinS0551982SELK 52 253Disco
SupermaxWorld of todayS0561979SATL 50 423Disco
SupertrampBreakfast in AmericaS0571985SAMLK 64747Prog rock
SupertrampBrother where you boundS0581974SSP-5014Prog rock
SupertrampCrime of the centuryS0591975SSP-3647Prog rock
SupertrampCrisis? What Crisis?S0601977SAMLH 68347, AMLH.68347Prog rock
SupertrampEven in the quietest momentsS0611970SSP-4634Prog rock
SupertrampFamous last wordsS0621987SAMLK 63732Prog rock
SupertrampSupertrampS0631972SAMLS 981Prog rock
SupertrampThe autobiography of SupertrampS0641978S393904-1, 393 904-1Prog rock
Temptations, TheAll DirectionsT0011977T5C 056-93714, 5C 056-93 714Disco
Temptations, TheBare backT0021980TW 50504Disco
Temptations, TheGreatest Hits Volume 3T0032019T1C 064-98 780Disco
Temptations, ThePowerT0042019T1A 062-63836Disco
Teskey Brothers, TheHalf mile harvestT0051985T6798413Soul
Teskey Brothers, TheRun home slowT0061984T77823OISoul
Thompson TwinsHere's to future daysT0071983TVPL1 7511New Wave
Thompson TwinsInto the gapT0081982TAL 8-8200New Wave
Thompson TwinsSetT0091984T204 431, 204 431-320New Wave
Thompsons TwinsQuick step & side kickT0101978TARI 90060New Wave
Tom Jones & Engelbert Humperdinck30 Gouden hitsT0112017T6642 027, 6495 032, 6495 033Pop
Trammps, TheThe best ofT0121984TW 50 511, W 50511Disco
Trip to DoverFade into goldT0131983TFFHR004Pop
Twisted SisterStay hungryT0142006T780 156-1Rock
Tyrone BrunsonSticky situationT0151980TFZ 38140Disco
U218 singlesU0011983UU218 - 0602517135505Pop
U2BoyU0021987UILPS 9646Pop
U2The Joshua TreeU0032021U208 219, 208 219-7Pop
U2Under a blood red skyU0042019U205 904-270, 205 904Pop
Vain Travail, TheAfter a silent disasterV0011984VFFHR017Pop
Vampire WeekendFather of the brideV0021986V19075930141Pop
Van Halen1984V0032020V759 92-3985-1Rock
Van Halen5150V0041978VW 5150, 925 394-1Rock
Van HalenMonumentV0052015VPHR 1048Rock
Van HalenVan HalenV0061981VWB 56 470, WB 56.470, BSK 3075Rock
Van MorrisonMoondanceV0071983V81227950354, 8122-79907-0Pop
VandenbergHeading for a stormV0091982V7 90121-1, 90121-1Rock
VangelisSpiralV0101981VPL 25116Synth pop
VangelisTo the unknown manV0112020VPL-14.397Synth pop
Village PeopleRenaissanceV0121967VVIP 20268Disco
WaldenO, JordyW0011976WFFHR013Pop
Walker Brothers, TheAttention!W0022018W6430 033Pop
Walkers, TheSilhouettesW0032017WKSP 16914 KLPop
Wall of IceEchoesW0042020WFFHR009Pop
War On Drugs, TheA deeper understandingW0052010W7567-86606-2Indie pop
War On Drugs, TheFuture WeatherW0062021Wsc227, SC227Indie pop
War On Drugs, TheI don't live here anymoreW0072014WSEL 1-659043 - 075678643477, 075678641299Indie pop
War On Drugs, TheLive DrugsW0082011WSHQ1Indie pop
War On Drugs, TheLost in the dreamW0092008WSC310Indie pop
War On Drugs, TheSlave ambientW0101979WSC190Indie pop
War On Drugs, TheWagonwheel bluesW0112022WSC167Indie pop
Whispers, TheThe WhispersW0121987WBXL1-3521Disco
White LiesAs I try not to fall apartW0132020WPIASR5100LPIndie rock
Whitesnake1987W0141969WGHS 24099Rock
Who, TheGreatest hitsW0152015W0875303Rock
Who, TheTommyW0161984W184 216/17Rock
Willey DeVille & Mink DevilleCollected 1976-2009W0171982WMOVLP1371Pop
WindjammerWindjammer IIW0181982WMCF 3231, MCA 39021Disco
XTCWaxworksX0011983X302 153-406New Wave
YazooUpstairs at Eric'sY0011972YINT 146.803, Stumm 7New Wave
YesClose to the edgeY0031977YK50012, K 50012Rock
YesFragileY0041975YATL 50 009Rock
YesGoing deaf for a livingY0051980YATL 50379, (SD 19106)Rock
YesYesY0061982YATL 40034-Z, ATL 40 034, SD 8243Rock
ZappZapp IZ0011983ZWB 56 869Funk
ZappZapp IIZ0022023Z1-23583, 9 23583-1Funk
ZZ topEliminatorZ0032013Z9 23774-1, 1-23774Pop