JAAR: 1989
A1. The Train
A2. Adieu Sweet Bahnhof
A3. J.O.S. Days
A4. Sketches Of Spain
A5. In The Dutch Mountains
B1. The Dream
B2. The Swimmer
B3. The House
B4. Two Skaters
C1. Cabins
C2. Nescio
C3. Pelican & Penguin
C4. Telephone Song
C5. Dapperstreet
D1. Port Of Amsterdam
D2. Bike In Head
D3. Mountain Jan
D4. Walter & Connie
D5. A Touch Of Henry Moore
E1. The Bauhaus Chair
E2. Under A Canoe
E3. Shadow Of A Doubt
E4. Mask
E5. Home Before Dark
F1. The Panorama Man
F2. Slip Of The Tongue
F3. An Eating House
F4. Red Tape
F5. Tons Of Ink