JAAR: 1980
A1. Gangsters Of The Groove
A2. Jitterbuggin’
A3. Party Suite
A4. Turn Around
B1. Posin’ ‘Til Closin’
B2. All I Am
B3. Dreamin’ You
B4. Goin’ Crazy
B5. Where Did I Go Wrong

JAAR: 1982
A1. Boogie Nights
A2. Jitterbuggin’
A3. Too Hot To Handle
A4. Look After Love
A5. The Big Guns
A6. The Groove Line
B1. Mind Blowing Decisions
B2. Always And Forever
B3. Posin’ Till Closin’
B4. Razzle Dazzle
B5. Lettin’ It Loose
B6. Gangsters Of The Groove

JAAR: 1982
A1. Lettin’ It Loose
A2. State To State
A3. Look After Love
A4. Naturally
B1. The Big Guns
B2. Find It In Your Heart
B3. Hold On To The One
B4. Mind What You Find