JAAR: 1969
A1. The 5th
A2. Dharma (For One)
A3. Little X Plus
A4. Sabre Dance
A5. Air
B1. Ritual Fire Dance
B2. Rhapsody In Blue
B3. This Here
B4. Dance Macabre Opus 40
B5. Canvas

JAAR: 1978
A1. Toccata
A2. Partita No.2 In C-Minor
A3. Vivace
A4. Introduction
A5. Siciliano
B1. Flight Of The Bumble Bee
B2. Adagio
B3. Rhapsody In Blue
B4. El Barbero
B5. Persion Market
B6. Sabre Dance
C1. Air
C2. The Lamplighter
C3. Italian Concerto
C4. Peace Planet
C5. Ave Maria
D1. The 5th
D2. Romance
D3. A La Turka Concerto
D4. Concerto
D5. Rondo