JAAR: 2019
A1. Electricity
A2. Red Frame/White Light
A3. Messages
A4. Enola Gay
A6. Joan Of Arc
A7. Maid Of Orleans
B1. Genetic Engineering
B2. Telegraph
B3. Locomotion
B4. Talking Loud & Clear
B5. Tesla Girls
B6. Never Turn Away
B7. So In Love
C1. Secret
C2. La Femme Accident
C3. If You Leave
C4. (Forever) Live & Die
C5. We Love You
C6. Shame
C7. Dreaming
D1. Sailing On The Seven Seas
D2. Pandora’s Box (It’s A Long, Long Way)
D3. Then You Turn Away
D4. Call My Name
D5. Stand Above Me
D6. Dream Of Me
E1. Everyday
E2. Walking On The Milky Way
E3. Universal
E4. If You Want It
E5. Sister Marie Says
E6. History Of Modern (Part 1)
F1. Metroland
F2. Dresden
F3. Night Cafe
F4. Isotype
F5. The Punishment Of Luxury
F6. What Have We Done
F7. Don’t Go