JAAR: 2015
A1. Spanish Stroll
A2. Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl
A3. Just Your Friends
A4. Soul Twist
A5. Savoir Faire
A6. Heaven Stood Still
A7. Just To Walk That Little Girl Home
B1. Love And Emotion
B2. Maybe Tomorrow
B3. You Better Move On
B4. Demasiado Corazon
B5. Each Word’s A Beat Of My Heart
B6. Italian Shoes
B7. I Must Be Dreaming
C1. Miracle
C2. Storybook Love
C3. Hello My Lover
C4. Hey Joe
C5. Even While I Sleep
C6. Voodoo Charm
D1. Still (I Love You Still)
D2. Gypsy Deck Of Hearts
D3. Across The Borderline
D4. (Don’t Want You) Hanging Around My Door
D5. Come A Little Bit Closer
D6. Right There, Right Then
D7. When I Get Home