JAAR: 2020
A1. Substitute
A2. The Seeker
A3. Magic Bus
A4. My Generation
A5. Pinball Wizard
A6. Happy Jack
A7. Won’t Get Fooled Again (Single Edit)
A8. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
B1. My Wife
B2. Squeeze Box
B3. Relay
B4. 5:15 (Single Mix)
B5. Love Reign O’er Me (Single Version)
B6. Who Are You (Single Edit)

JAAR: 1969
A1. Overture
A2. It’s A Boy
A3. 1921
A4. Amazing Journey
A5. Sparks
A6. The Hawker
B1. Christman
B2. Cousin Kevin
B3. The Acid Queen
B4. Underture
C1. Do You Think It’s Alright?
C2. Fiddle About
C3. Pinball Wizard
C4. There’s A Doctor
C5. Go To The Mirror!
C6. Tommy Can You Hear Me
C7. Smash The Mirror
C8. Sensation
D1. Miracle Cure
D2. Sally Simpson
D3. I’m Free
D4. Welcome
D5. Tommy’s Holiday Camp
D6. We’re Not Gonna Take It