JAAR: 1982
A1. Science Fiction
A2. Statue Of Liberty
A3. This Is Pop
A4. Are You Receiving Me
A5. Life Begins At The Hop
A6. Making Plans For Nigel
A7. Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down
B1. Generals & Majors
B2. Towers Of London
B3. Sgt. Rock(Is Going To Help Me)
B4. Senses Working Overtime
B5. Ball & Chain
C1. She’s So Square
C2. Dance Band
C3. Hang On To The Night
C4. Heatwave
C5. Instant Tunes
C6. Pulsing Pulsing
C7. Don’t Lose Your Temper
C8. Smokeless Zone
D1. The Somnambulist
D2. Blame The Weather
D3. Tissue Tiger(The Arguers)
D4. Punch And Judy
D5. Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass